Family Business Partnerships

Many businesses are family owned. Often these establishments can be highly successful and last for years. However, there are particular difficulties that may arise when mixing business, love and family. For instance, say you and your spouse run a local grocery store and one day your spouse sustains an injury while unloading some heavy goods. … Read more

A Dental Malpractice Suit Can Hurt Your Marriage

As a dentist in Denver, CO, Dr. Alan Gurman knows that, compared to other medical practitioners, he is statistically less likely to be issued a malpractice suit. Still, he knows that this is a possibility. A claim against his business, (which, thankfully, currently stands at 99.5% customer satisfaction) could devastate his Thornton, CO dental offices … Read more

Divorce Lawyer Horror Stories

Last week, we sat down with the best divorce lawyers in Montgomery County, Maryland¬†to listen to some of the most surprising clients they’ve represented in divorces. They told us stories of heartbreak, injury, and heartache. Some clients refused to speak to their estranged spouses, while others sounded as though they were bent on embarrassing their … Read more

Seeking the Counsel of a Top Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is often one of the most emotionally trying and financially taxing experiences an adult can go through. When you experience a divorce, you may be placing personal details and your possessed assets at the center of your divorce proceeding. That’s why you need some of the most experienced, effective, and professional legal counsel when … Read more

Divorce Lawyers Aren’t Universal Legal Experts

If you’re like me, you have found a divorce lawyer who perfectly accommodates your needs, listens to your concerns, and works to achieve the results that you want to see in your divorce and family law matters. However, divorce and family law is just one specific aspect of the American legal system, and many divorce … Read more

Divorce Counseling for your Emotions

When we discuss divorce counseling on this website, we’re often referring to the legal counsel and representation that our readers might want during their divorce proceedings. Today we want to discuss a different sort of counseling with you, one which may be more affordable than hiring a divorce lawyer, and one which may bring you … Read more