Divorce Lawyer Horror Stories

NoWeddingLast week, we sat down with the best divorce lawyers in Montgomery County, Maryland to listen to some of the most surprising clients they’ve represented in divorces. They told us stories of heartbreak, injury, and heartache. Some clients refused to speak to their estranged spouses, while others sounded as though they were bent on embarrassing their opponents in court. Thankfully the skillful lawyers at Belli, Weil, & Grozbean did what they could to minimize the adverse impacts of their clients’ outlandish actions.

In the past we also spoke with remarkable divorce lawyers in Howard County, Maryland about what unique experiences they’ve undergone as divorce lawyers. Howard County is one of the more suburban counties in Maryland, but the many Stepford style homes do not necessarily beget marriages which end peacefully. Some of our clients reported having to deal with aggressively litigious spouses, while others attempted to proceed through their divorce despite spouses who refused to engage in the process whatsoever. For many of these couples, their divorce proceedings were stressful and extended unnecessarily. However you can learn from the mistakes that our attorneys reported so that you have a better chance of a divorce with minimal hassle.

Among the various steps you can take to ensure a divorce with minimal dispute, make sure you select an attorney who can handle the various demands you may have related to your divorce proceeding. Furthermore, be sure to read next week as some of the best divorce lawyers in Frederick county relay their experiences too!

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