Family Business Partnerships


Many businesses are family owned. Often these establishments can be highly successful and last for years. However, there are particular difficulties that may arise when mixing business, love and family.

For instance, say you and your spouse run a local grocery store and one day your spouse sustains an injury while unloading some heavy goods. Such a trial may bring you and your spouse closer together, but it can also put stress on your relationship as you and your spouse place blame. You may ask why (s)he wasn’t more careful in following safety guidelines, or why (s)he didn’t make the work environment as safe as possible. You may have to consult, not only with a worker’s compensation lawyer, but also with a divorce lawyer, as this financial and medical situation puts strain on your marriage. However, after talking with your worker’s compensation lawyer, you may have a better grasp of the incident. You may feel better about your rights and responsibilities and most importantly your future. Once you know where you stand, it is easier for you and your spouse to move forward. Ensuring you are safe at your family’s shared workspace, and consulting with a worker’s compensation lawyer  may be just a few ways to ensure you do not consult with a divorce lawyer later down the line.

Perhaps you and your spouse run a business and an employee files a worker’s compensation suit against your company. He may consult with a workers compensation law offices. In either case, both you and your spouse will be embroiled in a potentially long legal battle. Even in working with a top worker’s compensation law firm, the financial strain alone that comes with fighting a difficult case is enough to ruin a marriage, as is the pain and guilt that you will both feel if the incident is in fact your fault. Again, if you are at fault, it is an opportunity for you and your spouse to either come together or place blame. We highly recommend the former as you do not need to add to your legal trouble by hiring a divorce attorney.

Work with loved ones is filled with potential legal and financial pitfalls. However, you can also find a trusted, loyal partner in your spouse. If you and your life partner are also business partners, then ensure you are on the same page about the financial state of your business as well as all of its health and safety risks. A liability on your business could easily be a liability on your marriage as well.

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