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Divorce Lawyer Chronicles is the top online resource providing legal guidance when it comes to issues related to your marriage. This educational source is meant to help direct you with articles related to anything from financial matters to personal privacy, even during your most difficult times.

While we don’t offer legal counsel here, sometime all you need is some helpful information. Divorce Lawyer Chronicles is here for you, so please read on and contact us with any questions.

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Divorce Topics

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Dividing assets during a divorce can be extremely complicated and a source of contention. Get the info you need to make the process smoother.

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Alimony and Child Support

Your finances are likely going to change after a divorce. Learn about your options for ongoing support for both you and your children.

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Child Custody and Visitation

Children can be greatly affected by divorce, and having an equitable solution for child custody and visitation can help make it easier on them.


Get the Information You Need

Going through a divorce can be extremely stressful, but having the information you need can help you feel more prepared to face whatever arises. There are lots of things to consider, from financial arrangements to child custody.

Here are some topics to familiarize yourself with if you are in the process of going through a divorce:

Divorce Lawyer Chronicles

Helping you get informed regarding your divorce

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Issues to Discuss

Though we can’t represent you, we can point you in the right direction about issues to discuss with your lawyer. If you meet with an attorney, it’s important to feel prepared; otherwise, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed in these situations.

Speaking with a lawyer will also help you feel like you are not alone in this process.

Be Prepared with Questions

As you navigate through Divorce Lawyer Chronicles, you may want to keep notes on anything you have questions about. That way you won’t forget anything you’d like to discuss  when you meet with your attorney for the first time.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Divorce lawyers are here to help you with anything you need information on.

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