A Dental Malpractice Suit Can Hurt Your Marriage

As a dentist in Denver, CO, Dr. Alan Gurman knows that, compared to other medical practitioners, he is statistically less likely to be issued a malpractice suit. Still, he knows that this is a possibility. A claim against his business, (which, thankfully, currently stands at 99.5% customer satisfaction) could devastate his Thornton, CO dental offices and his marriage. Money is one of the leading causes of divorce. A legal and financial devastation could lead to litigation on top of litigation. Legal defense for your dental practice is costly, stressful and time consuming and can deeply affect your personal life. The potential “domino effect” could be the monetary, time and stress expenses of a divorce.

For married practitioners Timothy and Maureen Raczka, dentists in Cary, North Carolina, a dental malpractice suit could be doubly straining, since both of their incomes are tied to their joint family dental practice. Luckily for the caring Cary, NC dentists of Alliance Dentistry, this seems unlikely. These dentists understand the need to take every precaution against dental malpractice. Protecting their reputation means protecting their marital union. Sharing a business means sharing responsibility in a dental negligence case, potentially causing strain and blame within a marriage. A divorce attorney would potentially have to divide their Apex, Morrisville, and Cary NC area dental practice during divorce proceedings.

Dental malpractice is a subspecialty of Medical malpractice, involving negligent behavior from a dental practitioner. By protecting his diamond certified business, , Dr. James Huang of Dublin, CA’s is protecting his marriage to his wife, Alina, by following the strictest safety recommendations put forth by the American Dental Association. His MBA can also certainly help him understand the art of customer satisfaction, ensuring he protects himself from a malpractice suit and a financial burden that could hurt his family. Understanding the principles of business and his own Dublin, CA dentist’s practice can guard him against legal troubles in his work and his married life.

As a general dentist, dental hygienist, orthodontist or other dental specialist, you and your spouse must protect your practice against financial and legal hardships, whenever possible. Do not let a malpractice suit destroy the business and the marriage you have worked so hard to maintain.  A divorce lawyer’s services can prove costly and consuming. A spouse may become irritable or withdrawn. Such hardships can rupture a marriage.

If a dentist has to pay for a patient’s expenses or suffering, the practitioner’s spouse may also suffer financial loss and pressures, leading to divorce. Dentists should always strive to provide the healthiest, safest methods in patient care so that they don’t harm their marriage along with their patients or practices.

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