What Are the Primary Causes of Divorce?

According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA), the three leading causes of divorce are “basic incompatibility,” “infidelity,” and “money issues,” at 43%, 28% and 22%, respectively. Abuse, parenting differences and addiction accounted for the rest at comparatively smaller percentages.

Yet this recent study doesn’t share the consensus on what most commonly causes divorce — if there even is one. Prior studies, such as those by Family Relations Journal or Divorce Magazine, have typically shown financial difficulties to be the leading cause of divorce in the United States. Even many professionals employed by the IDFA — and similarly some involved in the original study — still concede that financial issues are the primary reason for divorce. Perhaps these specialists can compromise and consider what seems obvious: there is no single cause for divorce. There are many factors that are interrelated, and that is something that is very hard to quantify and separate neatly into different categories.

However, there is no denying that financial issues play a significant role in many instances of divorce. According to CNBC, unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in The United States. Therefore, personal injuries may decrease a couple’s chances of staying together if they are not covered by their insurance. Yet, some of that may be salvageable. There are very ambitious car accident lawyers in LA who will do everything in their power to acquire the compensation you deserve if you have suffered divorce as a result of a personal injury that has devastated you financially.

Next on the list — or previously, depending on who you ask — is “basic incompatibility,” which could entail a physical or emotional breach of trust, different habits, preferences or goals, or a number of other imbalances that may make sharing a life together very difficult. And then there is infidelity, which also seems to fall under a physical breach of trust.

There are many things a lawyer can’t fix — such as divorce due to incompatibility or infidelity, in which case you’re better off seeking a marriage counselor — but they can definitely ease the difficulties you face during this strenuous time in your life. If an inability to pay bills related to personal injury has been a factor in your divorce, reach out to car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, California. Of course, money can’t fix everything. A divorce is hard no matter what the circumstance. Even if you and your partner were incompatible, accepting that fact can be incredibly difficult. Keep your head up and keep going . Our divorce attorneys will do everything they can to make the process easier on you, and assure everything goes as smoothly — and quickly — as possible.


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