Counseling for the whole family

Portrait Of Multi Generation Family

Divorce is hard on all members of the family, and it affects each party in different ways, including the children. In addition to losing a profound relationship, parents have the worry and responsibility of caring from their families without their co-parents. Meanwhile young children may not understand why one parent is not around as much anymore, and teenagers are at a time in their lives when they are particularly emotionally vulnerable. Coupled with the dissolution of their parents’ marriage, this period in a young life can be particularly painful. It may be a good idea to seek family therapy in Columbia, MD, or another nearby region to help your family sort through this crisis.

If you and your partner are considering divorce, but are not quite sure, consider marriage counseling. If you are sure you wish to divorce, seeing a counselor for divorce therapy may be another great way to help you cope with the fallout.

Again, divorce affects all members of the family, and family counseling is an excellent way for members to express their emotions and discuss their differences. Individual therapy and teen counseling may be excellent alternatives for children who wish to express their feelings privately. Oftentimes, a family therapist will ask for at least one individual session with each member. You may also request an individual session if you need to air some feelings that you are not quite ready to share with the rest of your family. Family therapy and marriage counseling may not necessarily restore your marriage or family to what it was, but it will certainly ease the transition for all members if you and your spouse choose to separate.

Our divorce lawyers offer quality counsel to those going through or considering divorce, but counsel of a different kind may be able to help your marriage or your family. Couples considering divorce who see a therapist are statistically more likely to stay together than those with no counseling. Children whose parents divorce are statistically more likely to fall behind in school and have other difficulties adjusting to life, but with the right counseling and enough time, they do just as well as their counterparts from two-parent homes.

If you are considering or going through a divorce, consider seeing a counselor for the sake of yourself and your family.

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