How Personal Injury Affects Marriages

Injured woman at the doctor

When we get married, many of us take a vow that states some variation of “in sickness and in health.” However, a 2013 study from Virginia Commonwealth University reveals that the divorce rate for marriages in which a spouse sustains a personal injury is about 25% in relation to the overall marital breakdown rate. Oftentimes personal injury lawyers like Adam Leighton of Cohen & Cohen PC or the attorneys at this Palm Beach workers compensation law firm are asked to refer former clients to a divorce attorney later down the line.

The West Palm Beach work injury attorneys make no secret of it– a personal injury case is an emotionally strenuous procedure, even with the best legal help. However the strain on a relationship without adequate assistance can be much worse. In either case, many marriages do not survive. How does an injury create this marital strife? There are a few factors:

  • Extra financial strain- Economic stability has been the reason for many marriages. It’s lacking or endangerment has also been the cause for many a divorce. When one partner is injured, his or her income may stop, putting burden on other members of the household. This is why it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer like Adam Leighton, to gain compensation for loss of income. In addition, there are medical costs for the injury, physical therapy and even emotional therapy after the trauma.Often, the at-fault party’s insurer is reluctant to pay for the damages, and will employ every available tactic to avoid doing so. The resulting financial strain can be devastating to a marriage.
  • Loss of domestic contribution- Often, when a spouse is incapacitated, one spouse will not only have to take on a greater financial strain, but also extra work around the home in the form of domestic chores, child care, or handling the finances. This often creates stress and resentment along with less time for spousal bonding.
  • Loss of consortium- Physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship which can make or break a marriage. When one spouse is physically incapable, or too emotionally burdened by the change in quality of life, the feeling of marital connection can quickly dissipate.

If you are considering a divorce after a spouse’s personal injury, there are many facts and facets to take into account. The following guidelines may help you make a decision either to save your marriage or get out of a difficult situation:

  • Get in touch with a personal injury attorney. If you haven’t yet seen one, a Palm Beach workers compensation attorney for a work accident, or a general personal injury attorney can be a great asset. Be aware that there are statutes of limitations on filing a lawsuit, but most personal injury lawyers offer free case evaluations, and they can help get you money to ease the financial strain.
  • Consider individual or marital counseling.
  • Have an open and frank conversation with a qualified divorce attorney before deciding to go through with the proceedings.

A personal injury is a difficult situation in and of itself. We hope that you will not face the additional strain of a marital  breakdown. If you are contemplating a divorce, you can always look to the Divorce Lawyer Chronicles for information on the subject.

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