Surprising Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Health

Divorce Can Affect Your WellbeingIt’s no secret that divorces are stressful or that stress is a killer. Did you realize, however, that the stress from a divorce is linked not only to your blood pressure and heart, but also your diet and even your allergies?

Multiple medical studies have linked stressful situations to a worsening in allergy symptoms. The connection does not definitively prove a cause and effect relationship, but it stands to reason: an allergic reaction is a bodily reaction to a factor your immune system does not recognize. Therefore, if you’re sensitive and vulnerable enough, your allergies may worsen. If you are under a lot of pressure from a big life change like divorce, you must be sure to monitor your health closely.

Doctors agree that minimizing stress levels may help alleviate allergy symptoms. Journaling can help you to decompress and also allow you to keep note of any changes within your body. If you suffer from allergies and notice a worsening in your symptoms, consult with an allergist like Dr. Michael Kletz of Manassas VA, who can tell you how to best manage your symptoms during this difficult time. Whether divorce is affecting your allergies or not, allergies themselves tend to worsen our moods. As we battle irritation, fatigue and watery eyes, we feel more stressed, and the cycle becomes self-perpetuating. If you are going through the difficult legal proceedings and emotional strain of divorce, it is best to keep on top of your health so you can move forward and make sound decisions.

There are other byproducts of divorce that can exacerbate your allergies. Moving to a new home can expose you to new species of pollen, dust from construction in the area and possibly even mold. Obviously when choosing a new living space, you want to be sure that any unhealthy environmental factors are kept at bay. Speak to an allergist in Manassas VA or other location to ensure that you are aware of any allergy triggers in your surroundings. If you are, your allergist may be able to help you manage them.

Divorce always brings us to a new emotional state and often new environments as well. Be sure to stay aware of your body’s needs and communicate with your doctor about any changes. Your allergist may be able to point you in the direction of a specialist, who will give you the care you need during this difficult time.

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