Mediation Important To Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

Divorce is a time of emotional turmoil complicated further by legal snares. Many people hire lawyers to help them negotiate the distribution of property, child custody, child support, retirement, and taxes. But some people use mediators. The mediator is an impartial third party that helps the couple negotiate by keeping the lines of communication open, … Read more

Children Of Divorce Don’t Go To College

When two people get divorced, many emotions are probably going through their heads. Divorce wreaks havoc on pretty much all parties. Many people forget who divorce can have the biggest impact on: the children, especially young ones. This negative effect can also be academic. Children of divorced parents are less likely to succeed in school … Read more

Tips On How To Settle Property Disputes In Divorce Cases

It’s always best in a divorce if the divorce lawyers can agree upon how property will be allocated.  The worst situation is for the divorcing husband and wife to spend time, money, and emotional energy on splitting up their assets.  Below are three key tips to help parties work through these tough issues. 3 Tips … Read more

The Impact Of Parents On Children After A Divorce | DLC

After A Divorce, Children Are Always Impacted Divorce has a big impact on children, as they oftentimes do not understand why their parents are separating. To protect the child, it’s important for the divorce lawyer to get the background information about the family that is being dissolved. A scenario in which the divorce lawyer plays … Read more

Divorce and Personal Injury Cases: A Bad Combination

When a marriage dissembles, a paper divorce certificate does not seal the deal. The marriage has to break up psychologically, emotionally, financially, and legally. Though some divorces may be affable, there can be some cases that are stressful and hostile. This can be seen when personal injury cases and divorce cases intertwine. Personal Injury Meets … Read more