Paying For A Divorce Lawyer

You’ve decided that your marriage is over. You already know the next step is court, but now you realize that you need a divorce lawyer to handle the big legal matters so you can come out on top. You want the best lawyer, or maybe you just want a lawyer period. However, you don’t have the money to get a big time Hollywood divorce lawyer.

Just because you don’t have the money doesn’t mean you don’t need a good lawyer or even handle the divorce on your own terms. Absolutely not. You may not be aware of it, but if you are struggling on how to pay for a divorce lawyer, you have plenty of options.

First, we’ll discuss how to do this for free. Yes, you can get money to fund your divorce for free. There are legal aid programs that are funded through federal grants. If you’re eligible, you can have a legal aid program offer you free legal services for inquires about divorce matters, tenant matters and other things. Your income must be below a certain number so check with your state to see if you qualify.

You can also call a legal hotline about your divorce case. Most of the time, this is free advice, but if not the cost is very little. There are also self-help clinics available in many states. Through these types of clinics, you can also submit questions online to protect your confidentiality.  Everyone’s favorite is pro bono. Through pro bono programs, lawyers can work for free and offer free legal advice to those who qualify. Again, your income has to be below a certain point for most of these types of programs.

If you spouse has been the breadwinner in the family for the most part, there is another option you may like. You can request that your spouse take care of all your legal fees. Yes, if you make a request before the judge, they can order your spouse to cover most or even all of your legal fees. On the other side, if you end up paying attorney’s fees by a spousal support order, it will be considered tax deductible and you can ask your attorney to allocate charges for this.

If you make too much, and your spouse paying for you fees just won’t work out, you still have other options. You can ask to make a payment plan with your lawyer. You could end up paying monthly or bi weekly. Some lawyers even offer flat fee billing where you pay everything upfront. Make sure that you discuss this with your lawyer before or during your first meeting. It’s possible that you may have to pay for that first consultation even if you don’t go with that lawyer.

As you can see you are not out of options just because you do not have money for a big time divorce lawyer.  There are payment plans, legally funded programs, pro bono options and many more. Paying for a divorce shouldn’t cause you more stress than the divorce itself. Look at your options based on your income and situation and call a divorce lawyer today. If you’re in search of an affordable divorce attorney in Montgomery County, contact Tough Divorce Lawyers or Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Capital Reporting Company can also help support your divorce case by providing a high-quality court reporter.

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