Divorce and Personal Injury Cases: A Bad Combination

When a marriage dissembles, a paper divorce certificate does not seal the deal. The marriage has to break up psychologically, emotionally, financially, and legally. Though some divorces may be affable, there can be some cases that are stressful and hostile. This can be seen when personal injury cases and divorce cases intertwine.

Personal Injury Meets Divorce Law

For example, Mary and Tom have been married for 15 years and have a 10-year-old child together. However, Both have decided to end their marriage and have agreed to get a divorce. However, while in the process of the divorce, Mary and Tom began to argue over property as well as custody of their child. Mary was a homemaker, while Tom was the breadwinner of the family. That being said, Tom felt as if Mary should not get half the money that he earned. Mary wanted full custody of their child, claiming Tom is too busy with his work. Still, Tom wants joint custody. Tom and Mary decided to hire divorce lawyers in order to settle things peacefully. After about six months, the divorce is final, though the debate over custody of their child is still up in the air. Soon, Tom makes plan to permanently move out of the house.

One day when Tom and Mary where arguing about the divorce, Tom stormed out the house. Mary followed still carrying on the conversation. As Tom was backing out of the driveway not looking, yelling out of the car, he accidently hit Mary. He ran over her foot and hit her with the car causing Mary to fall back. The two went to the hospital and had X-rays done. Mary had broken her foot and elbow but was overall she was fine and the incident was ruled as an accident.

Tom had to pay for Mary’s treatment, as well as prescription and hospital bills. However, Tom began to challenge Mary over the expenses of her car accident injury, accusing her of taking more money than she needed. Therefore, Mary’s divorce lawyer told her to hire a personal injury lawyer as well because Tom was no longer her husband being that the divorce was final. Now back in court, Mary and Tom were once again arguing over the extent of Mary’s injury. Tom accused Mary of taking more than she needed because she was unhappy with the divorce settlements and child custody agreement. Mary accused Tom of even trying to get out of paying her part in the divorce settlement as well as get out of paying Mary for her injuries. At one point, Mary even accused Tom of hitting her with the car and running over her foot on purpose out of rage in the divorce.

As you can see, divorce and personal injury cases can intertwine and create debacle for both parties. It is important to have lawyer(s) that can handle these types of cases because they do happen every day and to everyday people. Attorneys in the Washington, DC area like Cohen & Cohen, P.C. are very experienced with personal injury and capable of handling cases like these. If you’re in search of a court reporter, Capital Reporting Company will provide one with experience for your case.

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