Helping Your Divorce Client Move On

Once you’re hired as a divorce lawyer, you’ve got to get going! You’ve got to examine everything in the marriage, including financial records.  You’re going to figure out how to argue the case in your client’s best interest as well.  However, you may feel as though you have a moral or ethical duty to help clients who are especially struggling with their divorce.  There are ways to help your client emotionally move on after the divorce without personally getting too much involved.

First let your client know that it is ok to grieve during the case and after the case. Many people try to cover up how they feel after the divorce. They may cover up and try to appear happy. Clients might pretentiously display that they are bitter. Either way, divorce is no easy matter, and you should let them know that there is no right way to grieve.

Even though you’ll going to be doing lots of work, the clients life will be consumed with this divorce as well. No one should have to think about a divorce all day, every day. Divorces can take months and even years to complete. With that being said, encourage your client to take a vacation once the divorce is over, they’ll need time to get away. If you see that you client is especially suffering, suggest that they start a blog or pick up on their hobbies.

Most times after the divorce, or even during the divorce, you may notice your client look back on the divorce proceedings. Your client may even ask you what if you had done something differently. Let your client know that everything that is happening or happened with the divorce happened for a reason. You aren’t a therapist, but let your client know that it isn’t healthy to look back or continuously dawn on the past. Comfort your client by letting them know you are doing or that you did the best that you could during the divorce.

They may not want to hear it, but tell your client that there are other fish in the sea. Yes, many people go into a slight depression before during or after the divorce. Clients may think that there is no one else out there for them. You may even think your client feels as though they have no future after this divorce. Enlighten them on the fact that divorce is common and many people bounce back from divorce and even find their true soul mate afterwards.

One of the best options to offer your client during or after the divorce is divorce therapy. Divorces bring the worst out of people. A therapist is a trained professional that can handle you client’s emotional needs. Talk to your client about therapy and let them know this is often a coping mechanism for many people after the divorce and a healthy one.

There you have it. These are ways to help your client after divorce. You may think you don’t want to get personally involved but in reality when you’re someone’s divorce lawyer, you are already very much so personally involved. Offering your client support outside of the courtroom is what’s best for their personal welfare.

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