Illness and Divorce

While many married couples vow to stay together during sickness and health, we know that, sadly, this is not always the case. Sometimes the strain of an illness or personal injury can be too much for a marriage to bear, and can lead to divorce.

Illness and divorce Recent studies have shown that, among older couples, a serious or chronic illness can increase the likelihood for divorce, but only when the wife is the sick partner. This is not to say that husbands necessarily leave their sick wives, as it is unclear from the study which spouse initiates the divorce. However, scientists postulate that the likelihood for divorce increases with a sick wife because women are usually caregivers in traditional marriages. Therefore, when a husband loses his family caregiver and must assume the role himself, the burden can be too great for him. Scientists found this to be true in instances of heart disease, stroke, cancer or lung disease. It is wise, for the sake of personal health and the health of a marriage, to receive regular check-ups from your doctor. You may wish to see a specialist like a cardiologist if you notice any dizziness or shortness of breath or a top DC dermatologist if you notice any skin growths that may be cancerous.

Another health issue that can also burden a marriage is a personal injury. If your spouse is physically harmed due to another’s reckless behavior, you will, we hope, try to show support. However, over time, this can create stressors such as emotional trauma, inability to provide for a family, perform routine household tasks or be intimate with a spouse. Hiring a personal injury lawyer may be a good way to obtain financial compensation, which can cover the costs of medical and even psychological therapy. However, a personal injury is still a difficult situation for a marriage to survive. Often when one meets with a personal injury lawyer, a consultation with a divorce lawyer may follow at a later point.

In the wake of an illness or injury, one can hope for the best medical treatment available. It is best to trust your health to the best cardiologist or DC dermatologist available. However, even the best doctors make mistakes. If there is recklessness on the medical practitioner’s part, the extra health burden can also lead to further stress on a sick spouse’s health and, consequently, the marriage. A couple may need to hire a medical malpractice lawyer to pursue the claim and cover extra treatment costs. If the couple decides to pursue the case, this can cause emotional and financial burdens for them and put further strain on the marriage. In which case, divorce can be yet another emotionally arduous process with which you must contend.

We certainly hope that, if you or your spouse is ill, you will be able to stay together and work towards recovery. However, divorce during or after an illness is not uncommon. That is why Divorce Lawyer Chronicles is here to help.


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