HELP, the Government Might Want to Deport My Spouse!


You may be roped into a legal logjam if you married an immigrant to the United States who the government is investigating. Regardless of whether you’re still involved with your spouse or you’ve divorced, they may ask you for help, or the Government may reach out to you to confirm or deny information, or add detail and insight to their investigation. In high stakes legal situations where deportation and citizenship are concerned, you need a strong legal team at you are properly protected by United States law. Contact a Washington, DC area immigration lawyer today if you have immediate concerns about your spouse’s immigration law case.

Marriage, divorce, and immigration status have been interconnected throughout the course of the United States’ history. There are a variety of reasons that you or your spouse might need legal representation in a case concerning immigration law. Cohen & Cohen Attorneys P.C. are expertly qualified to represent you in a variety of immigration issues, including:

  • Adjusting your or your spouse’s citizenship status
  • Helping you or your spouse seek asylum in the United States
  • Litigation involved in suspending you or your spouse’s deportation
  • Properly documenting voluntary departure from the United States
  • Withholding your or your spouse’s deportation

Cohen & Cohen Attorneys have a proven track record of achieving their clients’ desired results in these areas of immigration law. If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer in Washington, DC, you should contact their office to set up an appointment.

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