When Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Affects Your Marriage


Every aspect of a worker’s compensation claim and lawsuit can be traumatic to some degree for the claimant. From the moment that they sustain their injury to the point where their employer refuses to award them fair compensation for their injuries, situations where a worker’s compensation lawsuit may be appropriate are usually remarkably stressful for the person who suffered an injury. Worker’s compensation cases often involve more than simply the physical stress of recovery. Worker’s compensation cases can seriously affect the injured party’s employment situation, and if nothing else forces them to spend time away from work while they recover from their injuries.

The stress of a worker’s compensation circumstance can impress substantial weight on a marriage. While the injured spouse is recovering, they are out of work and probably out home. Furthermore they are likely physically incapacitated and dependent on other more able-bodied members of their family. If you live in the sunshine state and are suffering complications with your workers compensation claim, contact a workers compensation attorney in Palm Beach, Florida.

Worker’s compensation claims can also place remarkable financial strain on a family. One of the most frequent reasons that worker’s compensation lawsuits are filed is because claimants are initially denied reimbursement for medical expenses related to recovering from their injury. Also most state’s worker’s compensation laws do not completely reimburse you for the amount of time that you missed work. For example, Florida Worker’s Compensation law states that you can only be reimbursed 66.67% of your average wage. If you are a Florida resident and need legal representation in order to attempt to obtain your rightful worker’s compensation benefits, you should get in touch with a highly skilled Palm Beach workers compensation attorney. In another state, such as New Jersey, the rules differ altogether and you may get vastly different advice from a work injury attorney in Elizabeth NJ.

No matter where they occur, worker’s compensation cases can seriously affect a marriage. If you feel like your relationship will collapse or has collapsed as the result of your worker’s compensation claim, you cannot sue your employer, but you should seek sound legal representation for your divorce as well!

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