5 Things Trophy Wives Should KnowAbout Divorce

5 things trophy wives should know about divorceSo you may have nailed down a rich husband? If your newfound sugar daddy wants a prenuptial agreement, you may need to find a good divorce lawyer. Are there children involved that may leave you needing alimony and child support? Already signed the prenuptial agreement? Talking to a divorce lawyer may save you some time and frustration with any future sugar daddy issues. There are a few major things any trophy wife should know before marrying your wealthy prince charming.

Prenuptial agreements should be looked at with a divorce attorney before signing.

Well yeah, if you are signing a binding contract that potentially says you don’t get anything in the event of a divorce, seeking the counsel of a divorce lawyer may be wise. A divorce lawyer can help you understand the details of the agreement and make sure you don’t get left with anything in the end. There is no formula for prenuptial agreements, so if you’ve seen one before with your previous husband, it doesn’t mean the next one will be the same.

Martial property and individual property definitions may screw you.

If there is any legal jargon defining what is marital property and what is individual property, you may want to pay close attention. Many rich soon-to-be husbands classify a lot of their belongings and assets as individual assets, meaning you don’t get jack in the event of a divorce. Be sure you go over these items or properties clearly with a divorce lawyer so you are not surprised when you walk away with nothing but a throw pillow and a DVD set.

If he had a previous divorce, prenuptials often stipulate that assets will go to the previous marriage’s children.

So your future Mr. Moneybags left his wrinkly wife and kids for you, the hot new trophy wife. Chances are, even though you seem to be winning the battle, the ex-wife may win the war. Many prenuptial contracts state that any and all assets and properties will go to the ex-wife or their subsequent children — meaning if you get tired of Mr. Moneybags, you may not walk away with anything but your hurt pride. If your own children are involved you may want a divorce attorney to help you sort out child custody and visitation in the event of a change of heart about your new hubby.

Pre-marital debt may not be covered in a prenuptial.

So you snagged a rich guy that says he will pay off your debt and take care of you, because you’re hot, obviously. You may want to make sure that your pre-martial debt is actually covered in your martial prenuptial agreement. A divorce attorney can show you where to look for these things, and help you negotiate if they are not included. A divorce caused by work is common as well, which may require a divorce attorney to help you plead your case against your Prince Charming’s over demanding job.

Family heirlooms are given back to family members, no matter what was given to whom during the marriage.

Got a shiny diamond necklace? What about that big rock on your finger? Was it his grandma’s? Chances are the prenuptial agreement states that you will have to give those family heirlooms back to the family members of your new moneyman if you ever get divorced.

Don’t want to get screwed over in the end? Want to make sure you aren’t left on the backburner if a divorce ensues? Talking to a divorce lawyer who is licensed in your state before you sign any contract is the best plan. It’s more than appropriate to negotiate a prenuptial contract, which a divorce attorney can help you negotiate, especially if you are wondering how long does a divorce take if you are seeing one on the horizon. Find a divorce lawyer today, and make sure your trophy wife status will be intact even after a divorce from your new honey.

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