Divorce Caused By Work

Ever rising career demands are increasingly cited as a top cause for marital strain and in extreme cases, cause for hiring a divorce lawyer. This story has played out within the public eye as many “power” couples have succumbed to the stresses brought on by evolving careers. Divorce attorneys and stress councilors agree that regardless of career path, these sorts of separations are increasingly common. There are 3 main causes for career-related divorces:
Loss of Control: During career transitions, there is often a feeling of loss of control. Big career moves can shuffle the usual interactions a marriage is used to. This lack of familiarity can be very difficult to deal in and of itself,  but if this tumultuous time  it is dealt with poorly if can lead unwarranted strain on a marriage. If this occurs over a prolonged length of time, it’s easy to understand how the need for property division, and figuring out child custody and visitation may lead to consulting with a divorce lawyer.
Layoffs/Financial Stress: After layoffs or a change in employment field, the question of how to find a career can also be exceedingly stressful. The compounding financial issues or loss of status can strain and wear on a marriage. An especially difficult element of these sorts of transitions can be that change in perceived roles in the home. This an all manifest in detrimental changes to personalities, which ultimately can lead to divorce.
Additionally, if the employment transition is due to a workplace injury the potential subsequent court cases can be wearing. Whether you’ve sought out one of the top workers compensation lawyer Atlanta has around, or have decided to forego litigation, the emotional consequences are often the same: stressful.
New “Opportunities:” New places and faces can be exciting, but also put pressure on a strained marriage. The spouse can take the transition as an opportunity to transition a relationship as well as the career. New or “fresh” beginnings can be appealing when an old chapter of life seems “closed” by the compounding stress.
Unfortunately, with uncertain financial markets and increasingly stressful job searches, stress caused by work and work transitions shows no signs of decreasing. The subsequent hostile interactions with families and spouses can be draining for everyone involved, especially when alimony and child support become a problem. If the decision is made to split, one thing is for certain, both spouses should a good divorce lawyer as soon as possible.
divorce caused by work