Divorce as a Result of Injury

As a divorce lawyer, I can attest that just because you’re not an NFL player, doesn’t mean that a career ending injury can’t have a major effect on your personal life. Divorce is a common consequence to work related injuries. In fact, many injured individuals look to their Long Island personal injury lawyer or Long Island car accident lawyer for divorce counsel when the stress of loss wages and loss of vitality have proven too much for the bonds of a marriage.

Consider this, your spouse has gotten hurt on the job and can no longer work. As a personal injury lawyer traverses the legal process in order to get some sort of recompense, your personal life suffers. You and your spouse are put under immense financial pressure. Making ends meet is becoming harder and harder, if not impossible. All of the ownice is on you now to not only take care of all of the day to day expenses, but also the costly and demoralizing mountain of debt associated with medical bills. Instead of being a partner, you’re now a care taker. Under circumstances like that, it’s almost easy to see how the cracks in a marriage become unbridgeable canyons.

Don’t let this kind of situation catch you off guard. While not normally considered, a personal injury lawyer can walk you through the steps of divorce as a result of personal injury. We are well versed in the intricacies of divorce as a result of injury, and can foresee the unique problems you may encounter in a situation like the one discussed above. In a particularly emotionally draining situation–not only involving injury, but divorce due to essentially the loss of your partner–you need someone with specific knowledge that overlaps both arenas of law to guide you through the legal process.

If you’re stuck in a marriage deteriorated by a personal injury, buried under a mountain of medical bills, unable to make ends meet, failing to find your partner in your spouse,then you need to talk to someone who understands your unique legal situation. Look to a Long Island personal injury lawyer if you’re marriage has been broken by an on-the-job accident today.

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