Postnuptial Agreements: Understanding the Basics

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Over the past few decades, prenuptial agreements have gradually lost their stigma as legal tools only used by couples as “divorce insurance.” Nowadays, a great number of engaged couples use prenuptial agreements as tools designed to strengthen their bonds rather than as insurance against the unraveling of those bonds. Similarly, an increasing number of married couples are choosing to use postnuptial agreements as tools designed to mitigate financial challenges and solidify expectations. When used properly, postnuptial agreements can strengthen the bonds of marriage just as prenuptial agreements can.

It certainly seems counterintuitive to use a legal contract to strengthen one’s marriage. But these agreements have worked in just this way for a great many couples. If you are interested in exploring the ways in which a postnuptial agreement may work for the benefit of your marriage, please consider scheduling a consultation with our firm. Speaking with us does not commit you to drafting a postnuptial agreement, it will simply allow you to make an informed decision when determining the healthiest option for your family. Once we better understand your specific situation, we will be able to advise you accordingly and answer any questions you may have.

When preparing for a consultation, you may want to keep a few basics in mind. That way, you will be able to formulate more detailed questions and consider the basics of postnuptial agreements as they may apply to your unique situation. In essence, postnuptial agreements are legally binding documentation signed by a married couple after their union has been formalized. Agreements signed before couples are legally married are considered prenuptial agreements. Oftentimes, these agreements detail how a couple’s property will be managed in the event of divorce. However, they may also address a number of financial realities affecting the marriage as it remains intact.

When thinking about the financial stressors in your marriage, consider whether any debts, assets, ownership questions, probate challenges, spending habits or other issues could be mitigated if expectations were laid out in an enforceable way. Oftentimes, simply working through these issues and getting expectations down in a binding way helps to alleviate financial tensions considerably. Financial issues are some of the most common sources of marital strain. Meeting these challenges head-on can, and does, often change things for the better.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have questions about postnuptial agreements specifically or any other family legal matters generally, please consider scheduling a consultation with our firm. We would be happy to advise you of your legal options once we learn about the specific nature of your concerns, needs and priorities.

A host of legal tools exist designed to assist couples who are married and couples who are divorcing. Oftentimes, seeking out proactive solutions can dramatically impact a couple for the better, no matter what the current state of your relationship may be. Waiting until challenges feel virtually insurmountable is not ideal. Please consider connecting with a family law lawyer Rockville, MD offers today so that they can help you navigate your family legal concerns before they become even more significant in scope.



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