Divorce Law and Lawyering

Divorce Law and Lawyering

When you are about to get a divorce, you may be wondering if you should lawyer up. Especially if you and your spouse have been fairly amicable, you may think that you can do this without an attorney and that it will be friendlier. However, if you go into a divorce without an attorney you may quickly find that the process is more complicated or that your spouse has already hired an attorney. Even if you and your spouse have been amicable, hiring an attorney can make sure your needs are protected and can help to safeguard assets you have worked hard to get. 

What do you get if you lawyer up during a divorce? 

There are many benefits to having a lawyer by your side throughout this process. 

  1. You can feel the stress leaving. Any divorce is going to have its stressful moments. If you find an attorney you work well with, you can have a huge sense of relief in knowing that they will handle the legal aspect of your divorce. Though there will be times when they need information from you and they are there to openly communicate with you, it is their job to represent you. 
  2. They can avoid costly mistakes. Many people who have tried to get a divorce without legal help have found that not only do they not understand some of the documents they are signing but they may not know the deadlines they need to meet in their state. Having an attorney can help ensure that you understand everything you are signing and can make sure you are not missing important deadlines that could be costly to your case. 
  3. They will understand the legal jargon. Even if you know precisely what you want to get out of your divorce, you may not be sure how to state that clearly in your papers. An attorney will know how to make your wants and needs clear and legally binding so that the divorce document is enforceable.
  4. Your spouse already has a lawyer. Whether you knew they were lawyering up or not, they would have an unfair advantage if they came to court with a lawyer and you did not. Finding the right divorce attorney can help ensure your case is off to the right start and that your spouse will not have a better opportunity of getting what they want. Don’t hesitate to get an attorney even if the divorce has been friendly so far.  

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