Divorce Lawyers Aren’t Universal Legal Experts


If you’re like me, you have found a divorce lawyer who perfectly accommodates your needs, listens to your concerns, and works to achieve the results that you want to see in your divorce and family law matters. However, divorce and family law is just one specific aspect of the American legal system, and many divorce lawyers are not necessarily qualified to represent you in every single one of your legal matters. For example, my divorce lawyer may be remarkably qualified to represent me in my divorce hearing, but he may know as little as I do about laws concerning drunk driving accidents. That’s why, when I had a DUI, I hired an attorney qualified to represent me on issues involving driving under the influence (DUI) lawsuits in Elizabeth New Jersey.  If you do not live in New Jersey, you should nonetheless be searching for counsel who can properly represent you.

A few weeks ago my daughter determined that she wanted to protest her speeding ticket, and that’s when I learned that my divorce lawyer was furthermore unqualified to represent my family in local municipal court matters as well. That’s when I began searching for experienced municipal court lawyers in Elizabeth NJ. Whatever area you live in, having a lawyer who knows how to represent you is more important today than ever. The same goes for drunk driving accident lawyers in Washington DC, and workers comp attorneys in Florida. As laws change and law enforcement becomes more effective with increased technological capabilities, having a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of their specialized legal field is an essential aspect of receiving quality representation.

Divorce Counseling for your Emotions


When we discuss divorce counseling on this website, we’re often referring to the legal counsel and representation that our readers might want during their divorce proceedings. Today we want to discuss a different sort of counseling with you, one which may be more affordable than hiring a divorce lawyer, and one which may bring you a different level of emotional clarity. For some individuals, divorce is a reaction to “irreconcilable differences,” or issues which the couple cannot effectively mediate with one another. Other couples may determine to undergo divorce because one of the partners did something unexpected and egregious. If you are experiencing a dispute or dramatic tension in your relationship, you should consider seeking out marriage counseling in Bethesda, MD.

Marriage counseling can do wonders for your relationship because it provides you and your partner with a safe space to discuss concerns and feelings about one another and the status of your relationship. While the rest of your lives may be filled with bustle, once you enter a marriage counselors office often times you are expected to focus on yourself and your partner as you discuss your situation for your allotted appointment time. During marriage counseling sessions, your therapist’s office may become a safe space, and this space is often times crucial to creating meaningful dialogue for couples in tense situations. 

Marriage counseling is usually administered by a qualified therapist in your area. If you do not know how to find a therapist consider looking for one in your local area by searching for a therapist in Bethesda, MD or a therapist in your location on an online search engine.