How To Find The Right Lawyer For You


If your marriage is ending, you’re under more-than-enough stress. Do yourself a favor and make the divorce as smooth as possible. In any legal procedure, whether you’re seeking a Divorce lawyer in DC, a car accident lawyer in Rockville MD or a DUI lawyer in Montgomery County, you should thoroughly research your attorney before hiring. Be understanding, do your research, and proceed with confidence.

Whether you’re in search of a divorce lawyer in Washington, DC or a divorce attorney in Frederick County, Follow these simple steps to find the right lawyer.

Be Human

Divorce is emotionally ravaging. It’s best to step back before acting. Give yourself and your spouse time to consider your options. If you both approach the situation armed with lawyers, it’s going to be a long and painful battle. Agree to give each other notice and a reasonable amount of time to respond. You owe yourself that much.

Consider Mediation

Both you and your spouse should do your research. You may not need a lawyer. Most divorces don’t, especially in “no-fault” states. Consider using a mediator.

In 2005, the average mediation cost was $3000 and was settled in 90 days. The average divorce case litigated in courts cost $15000 and was settled in 18 months.

In many states, spousal support, child support, and asset divisions can be calculated with simple and inexpensive programs that can serve as a roadmap for mediation.

Choose the right lawyer

If you decide to use an attorney, assess the situation and decide what kind of attorney you need. Ask your family and friends to recommend you to lawyers they’ve worked with in the past.

Interview at least three family law attorneys before you decide who to go with.

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences a couple can go through. Whether you’re in search of a divorce lawyer in Howard County or a divorce attorney in Montgomery County, by following these steps, you will make the process easier for yourself.

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