Getting Through Divorce with an Empathetic Attorney



Let’s be honest, divorce is not likely to be an easy or pain-free experience. Even if both you and your soon to be former partner agreed to split, there may still be hard feelings as things are divided up. An attorney can understand divorce is probably not what you were expecting, but fate unfortunately had other plans for you. They know you may need support during this time, and can offer guidance every step of the way.


The Divorce Process

Even though the exact divorce process may vary based on your state, there is a general idea of how things are to proceed. At attorney can offer a consultation and you maneuver through all the legalities. Here is a list of the typical steps that must be completed before the marriage dissolution is final:


  1. Divorce Petition – one spouse must file the initial petition for divorce with the court system.
  2. Temporary Divorce Orders – requests of temporary rules each spouse must abide by are filed to the court (child custody, financial dependency, etc).
  3. Service of Process – the spouse who filed the initial request for divorce must provide proof that the other spouse received a notice and paperwork.
  4. Response to Divorce Being Served – the spouse who received paperwork about the divorce may respond to this petition, including disputing any claims that were made by the other spouse as to why the marriage is ending.
  5. Negotiation – the spouses are to attempt resolving conflicts and may have to attend mediation with a third party if necessary.
  6. Trial Date is Scheduled – any disputes which were not resolved are to be decided by the court during the trial.
  7. Order of Dissolution – the marriage has officially ended and both spouses are to divide their debts and property as designated by the court (including spousal support, child support, etc).


Communication with Your Spouse

Depending on the circumstances behind the divorce, there may be heavy resentments, grief, anger and hostility between you and your former spouse. During the divorce process, an attorney can assist in communications between you both. Especially if the energy is emotionally turbulent and your spouse is not responsive, an attorney can speak up on your behalf regarding legalities of the divorce. We understand that your spouse may not be cooperative, and can help you strategize on how to keep things moving forward. When things get tough, it can help to have a legal professional on your side to offer focus and strength.


Contact a law firm today to speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable family lawyer Bloomington, IL trusts. They can help you get through this difficult time with as minimal emotional scars as possible and want to see you heading towards a path of freedom and peace. The journey to a fresh start can begin with seeking the help of an empathetic divorce attorney.


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