Is Your Divorce Forcing You to Divide Your Real Estate Holdings?

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Divorces affect all parties involved in a couple’s relationship, and if two individuals did not adequately delineate property ownership before or during their marriage, separating their holdings can be one of the greatest sources of distress. Especially when couples are the legal owners of multiple investments, dividing assets carries heavy transactional costs. Between attorneys, banks and business audit service providers, the process of dividing your assets can cost you both in money and in time.

Regardless of what happens to your property, if its ownership will change as the result of your divorce proceedings, then you will undoubtedly undergo the process of seeing the property’s ownership officially exchanged. Perhaps you remember that among the activities you underwent when first obtaining ownership over a property you received a title stating your claim to the space. When your property changes ownership as the result of your divorce, whoever gains control of the property will likewise receive a title stating their ownership of the site.

When your property will change hands as the result of your divorce, you should ask your bank, brokerage, or legal institution whether they are using First Title Services to print a valid title document and handle some of the title clearance and closing tasks associated with exchanging property ownership.

First Title Services offers the exemplary title and escrow services, and they are licensed to operate in all 50 of the United States. Determining how your property will be divided because of your divorce is stressful enough, do not allow the important administrative tasks involved in real estate transactions to further aggravate your stress. First Title & Escrow services offers elite real estate services to professional business involved in real estate transactions, and your facilitating institutions will be better served for using their services.

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