4 Common Divorce Myths Debunked 

4 Common Divorce Myths Debunked 

With so much information out there about divorce that it can be overwhelming to look at. The worst part is not all of it is correct and there are so many myths that can lead you to feel like there is no way out. Educating yourself on what to expect is key and knowing what is real and what is just one of the many myths out there. 

If you want to know what myths aren’t true then read on and find out. 

Common Divorce Myths 

  1. Adultery Costs You Everything 

That is how it goes right? If one spouse has an affair the other gets everything? That is great for movies and TV but that isn’t how it works in the real world. It might end your marriage but infidelity doesn’t always influence the divorce settlement. 

Unless adultery negatively impacts your finances it probably won’t impact the division of property. Unless your spouse has drained your savings to buy expensive gifts for the side piece or if the affair impairs parenting ability it is likely it won’t influence the divorce. 

  1. You Must Divorce Where You Married 

It is a common myth that people think you have to get divorced in the same state they were originally married. That simply isn’t the case. Life doesn’t remain static and people often move for jobs, to be near family, and for many other reasons. As such you can file for divorce where you live. 

You will have to meet residency requirements, which do vary from state to state and county to county. That doesn’t change that you can get divorced there you just may have to play the waiting game if you recently moved. 

  1. Mothers Always Get Custody 

Mothers always get custody of children in divorce. This is a pretty popular myth that has been going around for years. The truth is, that isn’t the case. However many husbands and fathers feel that they are at a disadvantage right out of the gate. That just isn’t the case. 

From a legal perspective, mothers and fathers have the exact same rights when it comes to child custody. In an ideal situation, the parents are the pens who make the best choice about who should have custody. However rarely is that the case. 

  1. Having Children Prevents Divorce 

It is far too common for people in a troubled marriage to think having a child will fix the problem. And it isn’t a shock to know that this isn’t always the case. Having a child is a stressful time and people often learn firsthand how difficult things are. Some relationships just simply can’t withstand that added strain. Often the added stress is what brings the marriage to an end. 

While some people with children have a hirer rate of marital satisfaction it isn’t for everyone. 

If you are considering divorce then talk to a divorce lawyer, like those at May Law LLP, to learn more about what comes with a divorce.  

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