3 Divorce Tips

If you and your partner are considering a divorce, it would be in your best interest to contact a divorce lawyer to best represent their needs. 

Divorce can be a complicated process, often bringing out the worst in people. Thankfully, clients should not fear going through this process alone. With the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, clients should feel empowered, and knowledgeable about their rights throughout the divorce. Attorneys assist their clients in a myriad of different ways, offering wise counsel, explaining legal terms, advocating on their behalf, and fighting for what they rightfully deserve. The following are three tips divorce lawyers desire their clients to know.

  1. Divorce lawyers highly recommend their clients avoid using social media as a means of bashing their spouse. It is a common desire to want to defend yourself, and expose things about your spouse on social media, but it may have serious implications and consequences in your divorce. By sharing personal things on social media, you may unintentionally be hurting your case, and helping your spouse’s case against you. What goes on the internet is available for all to see, and can and will be used against you during trial, and settlement. Clients should consider the weight of this before posting anything negative in regard to their spouse or marriage online. Instead of venting on the internet, and social media platforms, divorce lawyers advise that their clients find a trusted friend, or therapist that is removed from the situation to be their listening ear and soundboard. 
  2. In the same way, clients should be strongly advised against trying to sway their kids against their spouse. Rather than confiding in their children, divorce lawyers suggest that their clients seek ways to vent about their difficult spouse and situation outside their family. If kids are negatively influenced and convinced to despise their parents because of what their other parent has shared, it may hurt their custody. During custody battles, a wise judge will see if there has been any coercion done by the parent to the other. Divorce can be difficult on children as it is without them having to hear all about their parent’s problems. 
  3. Clients should not compare their divorce process or settlement with other divorces they may know about. Every situation and couple is unique, and their divorce will result differently than those of their neighbors or friends. Clients considering divorce should go into the process without the expectation of obtaining certain things or gaining the type of custody they desire. Skilled divorce lawyers such as those at Felt Family Law & Mediation work hard to ensure that their clients get what they rightfully deserve out of a divorce. However, lawyers cannot guarantee specific things or situations to occur.

    The outcomes of divorce proceedings are unknown and have many factors associated with them. Having the right support during this time is crucial. Don’t settle for any divorce attorney, but work with the divorce lawyer Syracuse residents trust. Contact them today for a risk-free consultation. 

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