Was Your Divorce Triggered By Financial Duress?

Are finances forcing you and your spouse apart? Believe it or not, financial duress acts as ample grounds for divorce. As the leading cause for tension in a marriage, finances—especially when under strain—can quickly widen the gap between you and your partner. grounds for divorce  This kind of strain can be a result of many different issues. While people tend to imagine gambling addictions or out-of-control retail therapy to be the root of most financial duress divorces, that’s not always the case. Commonly, attorneys see this kind of grounds for divorce develop underneath the weight of a lost income coupled with a mountain of medical bills.

Specifically, workplace injury attorneys in Atlanta, GA see this kind of grounds for divorce materialize all the time; as their cases often develop from a loss of income. This kind of financial strain alone can generate the tension that leads to divorce, but stir in the mounting pressure brought on by medical expenses, and the financial issues may prove to be too much for a marital bond to hold. Medical care often involves many emotionally and fiscally draining levels. Not only will the bills begin to stack up with the initial emergency care, but, as corroborated by a top plastic surgeon in Washington DC, many work injury victims require further care in order to regain at least some semblance of normalcy. So while a top workers comp lawyer Atlanta, GA has to offer may be working to right the wrong on an occupational level, this kind of personal turmoil is often too much for a marriage to handle. In such a scenario, grounds for divorce are quickly met.

The vicious cocktail of lost income and mounting medical bills can bend and break the bonds of marriage with emphatic force; and unfortunately, this ferocious combination of factors can often untie even the strongest of bonds. A top Atlanta, GA workers compensation lawyer suggests that someone experiencing this kind of duress take stock, recognize that they have ample grounds for divorce, and seek legal assistance during such a difficult time. Don’t let the pressure of financial duress keep you from happiness. Realize your grounds for divorce, and take action for your future!

Don’t Lose Your Hair over Divorce!

Hair loss after washing of the head

Studies have surfaced that show a not-so-surprising link between divorce and hair loss. It appears that, after genetics, losing a spouse to divorce or death is the leading cause of hair loss among women. While we never would have guessed this, it stands to reason. We have all heard that stress can cause us to lose our hair and, of course, we all know that divorce is a stressful undertaking. Therefore, women who are already genetically predisposed to hair loss can find the condition exacerbated by the stress of divorce: the litigation process, changes in the home, financial struggles and loneliness are all common stressors in divorce.

For women– and men– going through divorce, there is no need to panic. Stressing about hair loss will only cause the condition to worsen. And luckily, the other main factors in hair loss include smoking and drinking, which are in fact controllable. In some cases, hair loss is reversible through better self-care, at the hairline or internally through nutrition. Others go a different route and consult with hair restoration experts like Dr. Robin Unger. Robin Unger, MD specializes in both female and male hair restoration, and helps many regain their hairlines after losing a spouse.

A few months ago, we highlighted the growing trend of people undergoing cosmetic procedures after a divorce. During a divorce, looks and self-care often take a backseat to other more pressing matters. The result: a divorced person not looking or feeling his/her best. Many divorcees opt for cosmetic procedures ranging from botox injections to total body makeovers, and also Dr. Robin Unger’s hair restoration treatment.  While such procedures are quite common among divorced women, there is no shortage of men seeking hair restoration and other cosmetic treatments.

Both sexes, after being married for a time, may feel intimidated about reentering the dating pool. Firmer skin, a whiter smile and a fuller hairline can all provide a much needed confidence boost, and help newly single parties look and feel more attractive. This is not to say that a hair transplant will win you a new spouse, but it is much harder to find someone who will be happy with you if you feel unhappy with yourself for any reason.

If you contact a physician like Dr. Unger, it is important to learn all of the risks and rewards involved in hair restoration: What is the recovery time? How much will this procedure help my case? How much does it cost? These are all important questions, as an elective procedure like hair restoration is not covered by medical insurance.  Also, it is important to ask yourself: Am I doing this for the right reason? Surgical procedures are a personal matter, and we hope that you undertake them to further your own happiness, no-one else’s. If you go into the procedure with correct information, honesty, and realistic expectations, it may prove helpful in moving forward with your life. Getting divorced does not mean– literally or figuratively– that you have to lose your hair.

Divorce Tip: Get to Know Your Legal Team

Multi-ethnic business people disscussing a budget plan in a meeting

When you make the difficult decision to get a divorce, you are making the decision to upend your life as you know it. You run the risk of losing your home, time with your children and, yes, it will cost you money in legal fees. When you search for a divorce lawyer, it is important that you find a qualified legal professional with whom you can work. However, you would do well to recognize that your primary attorney will not be working alone. The best divorce attorneys are also surrounded by a quality legal team, who can help you restructure your life in a suitable manner.

The lawyers: Your divorce attorney will likely be working with other lawyers on your case. It is not uncommon for multiple lawyers to be present during your case evaluation. Ask who will be handling your case primarily, and what experience he/she has. It is very likely the attorneys working on the case will be his/her juniors. They may be quite capable, but it important to know who is involved and to what extent so you may build a trusting relationship. This person has significant influence over your future happiness.

The paralegals: In lieu of or in addition to other attorneys, your divorce lawyer may have a dedicated paralegal or team of paralegals managing your case. Paralegals may possess different levels of training and experience. Some may have more formal training from schools such as the Paralegal institute of Washington or other Washington, DC paralegal certification courses. Others may be students or possess a general degree and simply hold experience in the field. Paralegals are mostly responsible for organizing paperwork, liaising with clients and drafting documents. It may be hard to assess, but before signing a retainer agreement, try to determine how available the attorney is to you and how much work will be done through the paralegal.

Having good communication with a trustworthy legal team is an essential component in any legal proceeding. Finding attorneys with high success rates, excellent recommendations, and paralegals educated at the best paralegal certification programs in Washington DC and around the country– may seem like a daunting task. However, it will be well worth it in the end if it saves you property and alimony payments to your spouse.

Do Pets Play a Part in Divorce?

Staffordshire terrier puppy and a cat. Portrait on a white background

Plenty of married couples fight about their children: their parenting principles, the financial constraints of raising a family, and whether they even want to have children at all. All of these are important conversations to have before saying “I do.” However, people change, philosophies change, and the things we thought we wanted before differ from year to year. Sometimes, we get married with the vain hope that our spouses will change in ways that they never do. All of these are typical issues divorce lawyers and marriage therapists encounter. However, we are seeing an increase in similar arguments arising not over children, but over pets. That’s right. With more couples delaying parenthood, pets have become an integral part of many families, and the responsibilities that come with them can cause great contention both within marriage and in divorce.

If one of you is an avid pet lover, while the other is not keen on animals, it is important to understand this. Deciding if you can live with/without pets, setting ground rules about where the pet is allowed, how many pets you can have and where they will sleep, etc. can save lot of arguments and headaches and even keep you from the divorce lawyer’s chambers. This becomes trickier if someone in the relationship already owns a pet, and, believe it or not, for some, the pet may be a good indicator of whether or not the relationship is worth pursuing.

If, after setting ground rules you still have problems, get to the heart of the issue. Is your problem really that you cannot tolerate a pet? Or do you perhaps feel that your spouse prioritizes the pet over you? If living with a pet means living in intolerable conditions, then you will need to make this clear to your spouse. Sometimes, reluctant pet owners with severe allergies will end up in the hospital before the pet-loving spouse gets the picture. If, after a severe health issue, the spouse doesn’t relent, it may be time to speak to an attorney about divorce.

However, if the pet is tolerable, and living with the pet is a matter of adjustments, the reluctant spouse can certainly find ways to live with the pet before heading to divorce court. There are plenty of allergy specialists, like Washington, DC allergist, Dr. Michael Kletz, who specifically treat pet allergies.

Sometimes the problem isn’t one partner’s intolerance for the pet but, as with children, both owners love the pet too much to give it up. Are you in a custody battle for your pet? Unfortunately, while pets’ value may have increased in the eyes of the typical American family, they have not changed in the eyes of the law. As of 2015 across America, one is not able to file for “custody” of pets as you would a child. Rather, pets are treated like property, and the highest bidder wins. One owner may have to pay the other for the pet. Keeping your beloved dog or cat in divorce can certainly cost you.

There are many different factors that can be the cause or the result of divorce. As pets become a more integral part of many families, they are certainly not the least among such factors. We hope that your beloved companion does not add stress to your marriage, but if it does, we hope the guidelines in this post can help you reach a resolution, either in saving your marriage or in keeping what you value most.

Postpartum Depression and Divorce

Marriage is hard. There is no way around that. If you are reading this blog, you likely already know this to be true. Around 40 – 50% of marriages end in divorce, but these divorces don’t typically occur spontaneously. There are usually certain factors or events that come about that place great stress on a marriage which can act to highlight underlying issues that can trigger separation and, sadly, divorce. One particular
stressor on a marriage is the addition of children to the mix. While children are often seen as a blessing and oftentimes bring couples closer, they can also present certain issues that actually serve to strain the marriage. Besides the typical financial strain, loss of sleep and less time to take care of other important obligations, childbirth can lead to postpartum depression, an illness treated by postpartum counselors in Columbia MD, and can be very hard on a relationship.Conflict

As mentioned before, it is not likely that there is a single reason for a marriage to end in divorce. Rather, the burden of postpartum depression can cause other issues in a marriage to be highlighted, such as (and quite typically in the case of postpartum depression) a lack of communication. When either spouse experiences depression, communication is incredibly important. As a woman starts to feel depressed after the birth of her child, she my find it hard to describe her feelings to her spouse. It is made more difficult because there isn’t really a logical reason for postpartum depression, it is often a physiological issue caused by a chemical imbalance. Because the spouse may not understand what the birthgiving parent is going through, they may feel upset and not truly know how to handle the situation. The depression in one partner and inability to understand that depression by the other can create space between the two that can be exceedingly difficult to overcome.

Since you are already on our blog, we can assume that your marriage may, unfortunately, be over. But it is not too late to learn to overcome your postpartum depression. Postpartum counselors in Columbia MD are available to help you deal with your depression. These Columbia MD postpartum counselors are well equipped to treat any emotional issues you are having regarding your mental health and your newborn child. Now is a very important time to regain your emotional well-being, not only for yourself, but your children. Divorce is emotionally taxing, but it doesn’t need to be exacerbated by your postpartum depression.

Custody Battles as a Disabled Parent

If you suffer from a physical disability, taking care of yourself can be hard. For some, it is impossible. Throw a child or two into the mix and you have got yourself a strenuous feat — care for yourself and your children while physically disabled. You refuse to allow your disability to stop you from raising your children, yet you are facing divorce and the inevitable custody battle soon to proceed has you worried about the future of your children. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against the disabled for work they can perform. However, the court may believe — and your ex-spouse’s lawyer will likely argue — that your disability prevents you from providing the proper care that your children need to live a healthy lifestyle.

close up of male doctor holding x-ray or roentgen image

close up of male doctor holding x-ray or roentgen image

Unfortunately, there is a pervasive stigma against parents with disabilities. Often times disabled parents seeking custody in a divorce are surprised at the level of bias they experience by the system. The good news is that this stigma is slowly receding, and the supreme court ruled — over 30 years ago — that physical disability should not be a primary factor in determining custody. In 1979, a father of two lost custody of his two children to the mother after he sustained an injury that rendered him paralyzed. She argued that the nature of his relationship to his children had changed due to his disability, and the district court agreed. The father appealed this decision and eventually the case made it to the supreme court. To the delight of the father and disabled parents everywhere, the supreme court overturned the lower court’s decision. The supreme court ruled that to emphasize only the physical act of parenting fails to envisage the nature of parenthood, namely, the “ethical, emotional, and intellectual guidance” offered to children by their parents.

The ruling in this case does not mean, however, that physical disability cannot be a factor in determining custody. Rather, it emphasized rulings based on conduct, not conjecture, meaning that the court has to prove that the parent is unfit due to the disability; it cannot simply assume so. The father in this case had a new wife who assisted him on the physical side, made more money than the mother, and had more time. If it weren’t for his disability, the custody would not have been in question.

If you have recently suffered an injury that may set obstacles in your custody battle,. personal injury lawyers in Baltimore will help you receive the finances you need to cover your medical bills and rehabilitation needs which may help you receive custody of your children. If you are disabled, it is important to do everything in your power to increase your viability as a parent in the eyes of the court system. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore today for a free case evaluation.

How Personal Injury Affects Marriages

Injured woman at the doctor

When we get married, many of us take a vow that states some variation of “in sickness and in health.” However, a 2013 study from Virginia Commonwealth University reveals that the divorce rate for marriages in which a spouse sustains a personal injury is about 25% in relation to the overall marital breakdown rate. Oftentimes personal injury lawyers like Adam Leighton of Cohen & Cohen PC or the attorneys at this Palm Beach workers compensation law firm are asked to refer former clients to a divorce attorney later down the line.

The West Palm Beach work injury attorneys make no secret of it– a personal injury case is an emotionally strenuous procedure, even with the best legal help. However the strain on a relationship without adequate assistance can be much worse. In either case, many marriages do not survive. How does an injury create this marital strife? There are a few factors:

  • Extra financial strain- Economic stability has been the reason for many marriages. It’s lacking or endangerment has also been the cause for many a divorce. When one partner is injured, his or her income may stop, putting burden on other members of the household. This is why it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer like Adam Leighton, to gain compensation for loss of income. In addition, there are medical costs for the injury, physical therapy and even emotional therapy after the trauma.Often, the at-fault party’s insurer is reluctant to pay for the damages, and will employ every available tactic to avoid doing so. The resulting financial strain can be devastating to a marriage.
  • Loss of domestic contribution- Often, when a spouse is incapacitated, one spouse will not only have to take on a greater financial strain, but also extra work around the home in the form of domestic chores, child care, or handling the finances. This often creates stress and resentment along with less time for spousal bonding.
  • Loss of consortium- Physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship which can make or break a marriage. When one spouse is physically incapable, or too emotionally burdened by the change in quality of life, the feeling of marital connection can quickly dissipate.

If you are considering a divorce after a spouse’s personal injury, there are many facts and facets to take into account. The following guidelines may help you make a decision either to save your marriage or get out of a difficult situation:

  • Get in touch with a personal injury attorney. If you haven’t yet seen one, a Palm Beach workers compensation attorney for a work accident, or a general personal injury attorney can be a great asset. Be aware that there are statutes of limitations on filing a lawsuit, but most personal injury lawyers offer free case evaluations, and they can help get you money to ease the financial strain.
  • Consider individual or marital counseling.
  • Have an open and frank conversation with a qualified divorce attorney before deciding to go through with the proceedings.

A personal injury is a difficult situation in and of itself. We hope that you will not face the additional strain of a marital  breakdown. If you are contemplating a divorce, you can always look to the Divorce Lawyer Chronicles for information on the subject.

What Are the Primary Causes of Divorce?

According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA), the three leading causes of divorce are “basic incompatibility,” “infidelity,” and “money issues,” at 43%, 28% and 22%, respectively. Abuse, parenting differences and addiction accounted for the rest at comparatively smaller percentages.

Yet this recent study doesn’t share the consensus on what most commonly causes divorce — if there even is one. Prior studies, such as those by Family Relations Journal or Divorce Magazine, have typically shown financial difficulties to be the leading cause of divorce in the United States. Even many professionals employed by the IDFA — and similarly some involved in the original study — still concede that financial issues are the primary reason for divorce. Perhaps these specialists can compromise and consider what seems obvious: there is no single cause for divorce. There are many factors that are interrelated, and that is something that is very hard to quantify and separate neatly into different categories.

However, there is no denying that financial issues play a significant role in many instances of divorce. According to CNBC, unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in The United States. Therefore, personal injuries may decrease a couple’s chances of staying together if they are not covered by their insurance. Yet, some of that may be salvageable. There are very ambitious car accident lawyers in LA who will do everything in their power to acquire the compensation you deserve if you have suffered divorce as a result of a personal injury that has devastated you financially.

Next on the list — or previously, depending on who you ask — is “basic incompatibility,” which could entail a physical or emotional breach of trust, different habits, preferences or goals, or a number of other imbalances that may make sharing a life together very difficult. And then there is infidelity, which also seems to fall under a physical breach of trust.

There are many things a lawyer can’t fix — such as divorce due to incompatibility or infidelity, in which case you’re better off seeking a marriage counselor — but they can definitely ease the difficulties you face during this strenuous time in your life. If an inability to pay bills related to personal injury has been a factor in your divorce, reach out to car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, California. Of course, money can’t fix everything. A divorce is hard no matter what the circumstance. Even if you and your partner were incompatible, accepting that fact can be incredibly difficult. Keep your head up and keep going . Our divorce attorneys will do everything they can to make the process easier on you, and assure everything goes as smoothly — and quickly — as possible.


Counseling for the whole family

Portrait Of Multi Generation Family

Divorce is hard on all members of the family, and it affects each party in different ways, including the children. In addition to losing a profound relationship, parents have the worry and responsibility of caring from their families without their co-parents. Meanwhile young children may not understand why one parent is not around as much anymore, and teenagers are at a time in their lives when they are particularly emotionally vulnerable. Coupled with the dissolution of their parents’ marriage, this period in a young life can be particularly painful. It may be a good idea to seek family therapy in Columbia, MD, or another nearby region to help your family sort through this crisis.

If you and your partner are considering divorce, but are not quite sure, consider marriage counseling. If you are sure you wish to divorce, seeing a counselor for divorce therapy may be another great way to help you cope with the fallout.

Again, divorce affects all members of the family, and family counseling is an excellent way for members to express their emotions and discuss their differences. Individual therapy and teen counseling may be excellent alternatives for children who wish to express their feelings privately. Oftentimes, a family therapist will ask for at least one individual session with each member. You may also request an individual session if you need to air some feelings that you are not quite ready to share with the rest of your family. Family therapy and marriage counseling may not necessarily restore your marriage or family to what it was, but it will certainly ease the transition for all members if you and your spouse choose to separate.

Our divorce lawyers offer quality counsel to those going through or considering divorce, but counsel of a different kind may be able to help your marriage or your family. Couples considering divorce who see a therapist are statistically more likely to stay together than those with no counseling. Children whose parents divorce are statistically more likely to fall behind in school and have other difficulties adjusting to life, but with the right counseling and enough time, they do just as well as their counterparts from two-parent homes.

If you are considering or going through a divorce, consider seeing a counselor for the sake of yourself and your family.

Work Injury, Loss of Consortium and Divorce


Divorce can be complicated– which you probably know if you are reading this blog. It can be even more so when a work injury lawyer– like the West Palm Beach work injury lawyers at Franks, Koenig and Neuwelt— is deemed necessary. Sadly, as we have discussed on this blog, work accidents can lead to divorce. Often this occurs when injured workers and their spouses suffer what is known as “loss of consortium,” which refers to loss of spousal companionship. The definition of loss of consortium has varied throughout history and various regions, but always covers the loss of physical intimacy between spouses. If you have met with your spouse’s workers compensation lawyer in West Palm Beach, or whatever your region, you have likely discussed the fact that your spouse’s injury has rendered him/her physically or emotionally incapable of intimacy due to the trauma. Whether or not you can be compensated for this loss, depends on many factors, namely when the injury occurred and if you were attached to the claim.

If your spouse consults with, say, a West Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer to settle a claim against an employer’s insurance provider, you may be able to join the claim if you feel the injury has impacted the intimacy within your marriage. However, your spouse may very well pursue this claim with his or her West Palm Beach work injury attorney without your input. Whether or not you are involved in this claim will determine your entitlement to those benefits after divorce. If, for instance, you and your spouse together make a settlement for loss of consortium, which is paid in full while you are still married. You will not be able to make a further claim against the insurance provider once you are divorced. You may feel that the injury led to your divorce and that the insurance provider should pay. However, you have already settled, and have agreed to leave the matter alone for a specific amount. If, however, your name was not on the settlement papers, you may be able to pursue a separate case. It would be wise to speak with both your divorce attorney, and a trusted workers compensation lawyer in Palm Beach to know your options.

West Palm Beach Florida is just one location of course and both personal injury and divorce cases vary from state to state and person to person. The rules behind loss of consortium, workers’ compensation, and divorce can all be quite complex. However with a trusted attorney in your corner is the first step in rebuilding your life after an accident devastates your marriage.


Consider a Divorce Paralegal

We’ve discussed time and again on our blog, the financial strain that comes with divorce, which may supplement– and often augment– the emotional strain. In some cases, you may be able to forego financial difficulty, by working with a divorce paralegal. A qualified paralegal can be immensely helpful when a divorce is straightforward and uncontested, if you wish to save money on legal fees.

When to Use a Paralegal

Paralegal services are less expensive than an attorney’s counsel, as they namely consist of filing the right paperwork. In matters that involve child custody or the division of valuable property, you would be wise to seek legal advice. Even if your paralegal has trained with the top paralegal schools– like this paralegal certification program in Washington DC— your paralegal cannot properly or legally advise you on what to do. Again, paralegals are best suited for situations in which the divorce is uncontested. To summarize, paralegals can:

  • Prepare divorce forms
  • Tell you when where and how to file those forms
  • Tell you how to properly serve your spouse with divorce papers
  • Help you complete state- specific forms for modifying alimony and child support

However, paralegals cannot:

  • Give legal advice
  • Advocate for you in court on the level of an attorney

How to Find a Paralegal

Finding a paralegal is fairly simple. In this modern era, you can certainly find a paralegal using a quick online search. However, if you want to find a paralegal with excellent credentials, you may wish to contact a paralegal job training program in Washington DC or your nearest location. DC certainly has the largest number of legal professionals per capita, but you can find highly trained paralegals all across America. Many of whom have been trained at the Paralegal Institute of Washington and similar respected institutions. Paralegal schools often have job placement programs where they place their best and brightest alumni. They are also often in contact with top divorce attorneys who can recommend the paralegals who have done stellar work for them. Remember, even if you do not find your paralegal through a school, it is important to find one with strong credentials, one who has certification from an accredited paralegal certification course in Washington DC or your respective area.

Aside from price, a paralegal may offer other advantages over an attorney. There have been instances where a paralegal has caught a mistake in the paperwork, or noted incorrectly filed paperwork, which an attorney may have overlooked. You can use these highly trained minds to your advantage when preparing for a court matter.

If you are considering a paralegal for your divorce, contact a reputable paralegal training workshop in DC for more information.

Taking Care of Yourself After Divorce

Doctor showing heart shape isolated on white background

We’ve discussed the importance of caring for your mental health after a divorce, we’ve even discussed maintaining and improving our appearance. However– perhaps we expect that you already know this– we haven’t discussed the importance of caring for your physical health in nearly enough detail. When going through the stress of a divorce, it is easy to neglect our physical wellbeing. We may have lost our spouse’s health insurance or are simply stretched too thin between work, attorney consultations, and the loss of a partner who once helped with the day-to-day tasks. Still it is important to pay attention to our bodies. Of course, we all know that divorce is stressful and that stress can also affect one’s physical health. The following tips are the foundation of living a healthy life and they are even more important when you are in a situation like divorce, which may be detrimental to your health.

Eat right– Many of us tend to neglect our eating habits when we are under stress or grieving. We may find ourselves cooking “comfort food” that feels good but does not nourish us adequately, or eating the quickest available choices because we are pressed for time or too tired to cook. There are plenty of quick, easy, healthy recipes of which we may take advantage. Throwing lean meat and vegetables into a slow cooker before work is an excellent way to have dinner prepared before we return home, with minimal effort. We can also be wary of the snacks that fuel us as we go off to work. If you are lucky, your office may provide you with fresh healthy vending options in their machines, like those offered by Monumental Vending in the Washington DC area. If this is not the case, you may also investigate preparing simple snacks including vegetables and hummus, roasted chickpeas and seeds, dark chocolate, nuts, fruit and low-sugar yogurt. Snack time is usually the instance where hunger beats self-control, and we make decisions that can negatively affect our health.

Exercise- One way to cope with the stress of a divorce is through exercise. When you are focused on a difficult physical task, you are less likely to dwell on your emotional hurt. Exercise also boosts endorphins and energy, which will improve your attitude and counteract the negative impact of stress on your life. Also, a healthier physical appearance is sure to boost one’s self image, which may have taken a toll after the demise of one’s marriage.

Make regular medical appointments- With diet and exercise, you can certainly decrease the amount of medical care you will need, but you certainly will not eliminate it. Everyone gets sick at some point, and it is important not to wait too long when we notice potential symptoms of a health condition. It is also important to schedule routine examinations such as physicals, men’s/womens health exams, and even dental appointments. Making a semi-annual appointment with your dentist in Cary NC, Dallas TX, or whatever your region is an important part of maintaining your overall health. If left unchecked, oral infections can spread from the mouth and lead to serious health conditions like diabetes. It is in your best interest to stay on top of your health both on your own, and with a trusted physician.
These three pieces of advice are at the cornerstone for a healthy life whether you are single, married, or divorced. After a divorce, however, it is easy for them to fall by the wayside, but under the strain of this scenario, your health is more important than ever.