Why You Should Avoid Dating During Your Divorce

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Finding a new romantic partner while you’re in the middle of a divorce typically isn’t a good idea. As a family lawyer like Bernie K. Kempen, can explain, dating someone new can make an already difficult situation even more complicated. Here are a few reasons to avoid dating during your divorce.

It Can Create More Tension Between You and Your Ex

The tension between you and your ex may already be intense. If your ex finds out that you’re dating someone new, it can make the tension even worse. Your ex may become jealous and angry that you’re in a new relationship and make things harder on you. He or she may become more difficult to deal with and prolong the divorce process out of spite. You want the process to be over as quickly as possible, so it’s best to avoid dating right now.

It Can Affect Spousal Support

If your ex was the primary breadwinner during your marriage, you may likely request spousal support. These payments can help you pay your bills until you get back on your feet. This is another good reason to avoid dating too soon. If your ex finds out that you’re dating a new person, he or she may assume that you’re moving in together and will get your expenses covered. Your ex may argue in court that you don’t need spousal support.

It Can Be Difficult on Your Children

A divorce is already so difficult for children. If you bring in a romantic partner too soon, it could make your children feel even worse. They may feel uneasy being around someone they don’t know. Additionally, dating can take precious time away from your children at a time they need you the most.

It Can Affect Your Healing

A divorce is a dramatic event that can make you feel a wide range of emotions. Allow yourself to process these emotions so that you can move on with your life. If you start dating someone too soon, it may slow down the healing process.

It Can Hurt Your Friendships

If you start dating during your divorce, some of your friends may become upset and lose respect for you. This is especially true if they’re also friends with your ex. If you want to preserve your friendships, it may be best to hold off on dating.

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