Where to File in a Military Divorce


When it comes to divorce, there can be a lot of questions and concerns that come up. A divorce attorney Tampa FL military families recommend may be helpful to your situation.


A military divorce may feel more complicated, because of the physical distance between the two spouses that is often a part of deployment and other circumstances. That distance can cause irreparable harm to the marriage bonds in some cases, and it also makes the logistics of divorce something that has to be carefully thought about. One of the biggest issues with this type of divorce can be where it should be filed, because filing locations can make a difference in the ease of the process and the overall outcome. There are three different filing location options that are offered to most military members and their spouses when divorce becomes their focus. These are:


  1. The state where the filing spouse has legal residence,
  2. The state where the member of the military is stationed, or
  3. The state where the military member has legal residence.

So which one of those three is the right option? That can depend on a number of factors, but the laws of the particular state are generally always worth looking into.

State Laws Govern Divorce Proceedings

Because the laws of the state in which the divorce is filed govern how the divorce will be handled, child custody, payments and support, and how any property will be divided, understanding state laws can be an important part of deciding where to file a divorce proceeding. In some cases it may make more sense for the military member to be the one filing the divorce, and in other cases the spouse may be better off filing, depending on where both spouses have legal residency and where the military member is stationed. That way, both individuals can see the best and fairest resolution to their divorce. Since divorcing couples are already under a lot of stress, reducing that as much as possible can help to make the process slightly easier on them.


Choose an Attorney Familiar With Military Divorce

Whether you are a member of the military or the spouse of a military member, when you are seeking a divorce it is important to choose the right attorney to help meet your needs. If your spouse has filed for divorce, having an attorney on your side also matters. For those who are involved with the military and considering a divorce, where to file is important. An experienced Tampa military divorce attorney can go over your options and help ensure that you and your spouse make choices that will help your divorce process be as easy and stress-free as possible.

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