What Happens if I Bring My New Partner Home for the Holidays

Are you in a new relationship after a recent divorce? Introducing a new partner to a holiday gathering such as Thanksgiving could either be a normal holiday gathering with family or an earth shattering event. Listening to the advice of others can be a challenge, especially considering that all families are unique. However, we are usually our own worst critics. Taking a closer look at our relationships and how we manage them may make sense when you are evaluating the decision you may have made to bring your new partner to a holiday such as Thanksgiving post divorce. When evaluating the situation, ask yourself a few of these tough questions:

What reaction were you expecting people to have?

You may be excited to bring your new partner to meet your family, especially after going through a divorce, which could cause them to worry about you for obvious reasons. You will want to put their minds at ease so that they don’t have to worry about you being alone. When it comes to dating a new person, it can often take much more time to find the right person than it will to replace something materialistic that you have lost. For example, it will likely be far easier to find a new job than it will be to replace your former partner. For some, being in a relationship is imperative to happiness after a divorce as they may not fare will in the world as a single person. You may experience a family member not buying the introduction of a new significant other, which will likely be a challenge.   

Did you consider your children?

When deciding whether or not to introduce your new significant other for the holidays after a divorce will be a big decision to make if you have children involved. In situations where you have custody or visitation you may not have to have your own children there when you introduce your new significant other to the family. Although your own children may not be present, other children in the family may have questions around your new significant other. This can set the gossip mill in motion. In some situations, it may be beneficial to wait to introduce them at a later date and time, keeping your new significant other a mystery for the time being.

What was the reaction of your parents and siblings?

It’s possible that you may be looking at your new significant other through rose colored glasses, they may seem perfect, especially if you have just gone through a bad divorce. It is likely that for a period of time, your new partner will be on their best behavior. What happens when your parents or siblings  start making comments or asking questions that you are not ready to answer, or when your family member do not get a good impression of your new partner? Your family knows that you may be fragile as they were witness to the turmoil you may have experienced during your divorce. You may be triggered to take a closer look at the new relationship you are in based on the dynamics of your family or reactions that your family members may have had to your new partner.  

When it comes down to it, people will not remember the small insignificant details and will move on with their lives, regardless of whether or not Thanksgiving was a success or a disastrous event. It will be important to take things as they come by managing challenging situations as they arise. The most important thing should be your happiness and the journey that you are on called life. Work with an experienced family attorney today such as the divorce attorney Phoenix AZ locals turn to.

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