Something to Consider When Separating or Divorcing

At the end of most long time committed relationships, somebody ends up having to move out. This can be a very emotional and stressful time. Moving can be stressful under the best of circumstances, but at the conclusion of a relationship, it can especially be the case. Sometimes, removing yourself from a hostile environment is the best option, but that can be difficult when you need to move your possessions to another location. However, one option is to hire a moving company. Trained moving specialists can understand how uncomfortable it can be for a couple going their separate ways. With this is mind, they offer couples who are going their separate ways the following helpful services:


When under duress, paying attention to the tedious details of packing fragile items can be a chore. You may not even have the appropriate packing materials on hand. If you are pressed for time, making multiple trips to the store for packing supplies may not be on your list of priorities, adding to your stress. You can save yourself time, stress, and spend as little time as possible in the house by hiring a moving company to pack your items for you. Large, small, delicate, heavy—they can do it all, and they have the right tools and supplies to get the job done as soon as possible.


As mentioned, moving is stressful even when a relationship is going well. However, when it has reached its conclusion, it can be almost unbearable for many people. A professional moving company can make this process easier for all involved. Trained movers can provide an objective and neutral presence. When a mover is packing up and hauling away the bed, for instance, it may not have the emotional impact of your now ex-significant other dragging the mattress down the stairs and out the door. Many separating and divorcing couples find it easier to allow a third party to handle this potentially explosive situation on their behalf. In fact, you don’t even need to be on premises when the movers arrive. Simply make arrangements beforehand with clear instructions as to what they should and shouldn’t take. If there are items whose ownership is in contention, leave them for later. After the majority of your personal items are gone, it can significantly reduce the pressure that had been building up until then. The final items may have lost some of their emotional value at that time.

Junk Hauling

Now that you are no longer a couple, some of the items that you shared may no longer have any value to either one of you. One of the moving companies can remove them and haul them to the junkyard, recycling center, or thrift store on your behalf. Again, this can remove the emotional component of splitting up. Formerly sentimental items can spark more turmoil and if you are not present when they’re removed from the house, it can avoid additional arguments.