Sick Children and Divorce

Does your child suffer from a chronic illness? Do you frequently take time off work to take your child to an asthma doctor in Washington DC or another specialist? Marriage is already a difficult process. Unfortunately, statistics do not favor couples who are also parents to a sick child. Often parents in this situation find that they are unable to pay attention to their spouses, as all of their energy goes into financially and emotionally providing for a child’s illness or special needs. Marriages between parents of sick children frequently end in divorce, unable to survive the strain. When this occurs, you may have many questions about how to cope.

Sick daughter lying on mothers lap at home in living roomConsulting with a top-tier divorce attorney can help you ensure that both parents have the resources they need to adequately care for their child, whether that is payment for the services of a Washington DC allergist or a specialized internist. Litigation can also be instrumental in providing a custody arrangement that creates as much stability as possible in the child’s life. If stability is still a concern, family therapy in Bethesda MD— or whatever your region– can also help in ensuring your child feels safe and can cope with these life changes. For your child and yourself, medical family therapy in MD can also be worthwhile when you are caring for a sick child as a newly single parent.

Remember that, in all likelihood, the child is still the most important priority for each parent. Though you may be angry and hurt by one another, your child is still unwell, and needs the support of family whenever possible. Be sure to talk through visitation rights and come to terms on which you both agree. If your child is supposed to visit your ex-spouse but is too sick to leave the bed, consider allowing the other parent over for a short visit.

Also, remember that even though you are divorced, you are both responsible for your child’s wellbeing. Working as a team is still important. Sharing charts can help you keep track of medication and know what was administered when and by whom. Perhaps one parent is familiar with a situation that the other is not, and can offer support when the child is unwell. Be sure to offer guidance and support through difficult situations.  Lastly, be ready to help each other in a pinch. If one parent has a work emergency while the child is having a medical emergency, the other parent should be ready to step in and take the child to the pediatrician in Arlington VA, asthma doctor in Washington DC, or any other location where the child may need help.

Just because two people divorce, does not mean they cannot work together. Especially when it is for the greater health of their children.

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