Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Finding the right family lawyer to assist you with a divorce, custody battle or other matter concerning family law can be hard. You need to work with someone who not only has the skills and experience to guide you through a legal case, but someone who understands the demands and emotional toll that a legal issue can have. To learn how a family lawyer can give you legal counsel, give our firm a call and set up a consultation. Here are some things that you should know before hiring a lawyer. 

They can offer personalized legal counsel

A family lawyer can give you legal advice tailored to your situation if you are going through a difficult legal issue. If you need legal assistance with divorce, custody rights, child support, or another topic within family law, it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer. It can be easy for emotions to get in the way of finding objective solutions, so a lawyer can offer you specific and detailed legal guidance. 

They have years of case experience 

When you request legal assistance from a family lawyer you do not have to go through your legal issue alone. Being at the center of a complex legal issue can be stressful. Family law covers everything from child custody, parental rights, spousal support and much more. You can find a lawyer who has specific experience with your particular type of issue. 

They can explain family law

A lawyer can explain every aspect of family law. For example, a judge determines custody rights by assessing if each parent meets the criteria to serve as the custodial parent. Parents who are separated may be awarded sole or joint custody of their child. Sole legal custody is when one parent makes the decisions regarding how a child is raised, such as the healthcare they receive, school they attend, and religion they are raised under. On the other hand, joint legal custody is when both parents can make decisions about how their child will be raised. Joint physical custody refers to when a child splits their time living with both parents. 

Though dealing with a family law case can come with unique challenges, following key tips from a family lawyer like one from Attorney Bernie can increase your odds of winning custody, whether it’s sole or joint custody. Having an experienced lawyer at your side who is familiar with the legal system and family law can make a vast difference in the outcome of your case. A family lawyer can be beneficial because they can serve as a third party that you can trust, so call one today if you need urgent support and advice. 

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