Postpartum Depression and Divorce

Marriage is hard. There is no way around that. If you are reading this blog, you likely already know this to be true. Around 40 – 50% of marriages end in divorce, but these divorces don’t typically occur spontaneously. There are usually certain factors or events that come about that place great stress on a marriage which can act to highlight underlying issues that can trigger separation and, sadly, divorce. One particular
stressor on a marriage is the addition of children to the mix. While children are often seen as a blessing and oftentimes bring couples closer, they can also present certain issues that actually serve to strain the marriage. Besides the typical financial strain, loss of sleep and less time to take care of other important obligations, childbirth can lead to postpartum depression, an illness treated by postpartum counselors in Columbia MD, and can be very hard on a relationship.Conflict

As mentioned before, it is not likely that there is a single reason for a marriage to end in divorce. Rather, the burden of postpartum depression can cause other issues in a marriage to be highlighted, such as (and quite typically in the case of postpartum depression) a lack of communication. When either spouse experiences depression, communication is incredibly important. As a woman starts to feel depressed after the birth of her child, she my find it hard to describe her feelings to her spouse. It is made more difficult because there isn’t really a logical reason for postpartum depression, it is often a physiological issue caused by a chemical imbalance. Because the spouse may not understand what the birthgiving parent is going through, they may feel upset and not truly know how to handle the situation. The depression in one partner and inability to understand that depression by the other can create space between the two that can be exceedingly difficult to overcome.

Since you are already on our blog, we can assume that your marriage may, unfortunately, be over. But it is not too late to learn to overcome your postpartum depression. Postpartum counselors in Columbia MD are available to help you deal with your depression. These Columbia MD postpartum counselors are well equipped to treat any emotional issues you are having regarding your mental health and your newborn child. Now is a very important time to regain your emotional well-being, not only for yourself, but your children. Divorce is emotionally taxing, but it doesn’t need to be exacerbated by your postpartum depression.

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