Post Divorce Family Vacations

It will be time to establish new norms with your children once your divorce has been finalized. Just because you no longer share a home with your ex, and your children may be splitting their time between two homes, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have to forgo everything that families do together especially when it comes to family vacations. Allowing for quality time as a family to make new memories is still something that divorced parents do for their children by planning special trips as a family. The following will help you plan a fun and hassle free vacation with children as a divorced parent.

Communicate with Your Ex Partner Regarding the Vacation

It may be a good idea to initiate the planning process together by discussing ideas if you are on amicable terms with your ex. Communicate with your ex as open and honestly as possible regarding where you want to go and the type of vacation you would like to go on as a family. When it comes to logistics and finalizing future plans, discussing and agreeing to a vacation itinerary together will be important.

Avoid Spontaneity

Starting the process with much time to prepare for the trip will be a positive factor when it comes to planning a post divorce family vacation. In most situations, you will need to coordinate with your ex prior to scheduling a week long vacation. Book a wonderful vacation for you and your children by researching to find the best prices and giving yourself ample time to plan for a week that works best. In some situations, it is a good idea to begin the planning process more than 6 months ahead of time.

Proper Documentation

You will want to bring the correct documentation for your vacation as part of the preparation that is required when traveling with kids post divorce. You will be required to get permission from your ex in the form of a written agreement that will allow for you to take the children to the location where you will be going. You will also need to have the appropriate identification for your children. Your documents for travel will need to include the details of your vacation, such as the dates of travel and where you will be arriving and departing from. You will be able to prepare by putting together the required documents for your family vacation with the help of  your divorce attorney.

Once the dust settles, you and your children will begin to go on vacations that are fun and exciting together. You can coordinate the details of your vacation with your ex spouse by working with your divorce attorney to put together all of the arrangements whether you are going away for the holiday break or over summer vacation. Contact a divorce lawyer Phoenix AZ respects so that they can provide you with guidance and support regarding vacations, visitation schedule and custody agreements.


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