Moving Out Post Divorce



In the midst of a divorce, there are plenty of changes that both you and your children may have to go through. Prior to or post divorce, typically one of the two parents must make arrangements to move out of the home formerly shared together. Trying to figure out how you are going to move all of your things in addition to coping with this life transition, can be overwhelming. Many people consider hiring professionals, who can do the heaving lifting for you when you simply just do not have the energy to do it yourself.

In the article here, we have talked further about how to decide which spouse stays in the family home, what is best for the children, and how a moving company may be of great support during this life transition.

Deciding Who Moves Out

Figuring out which parent must move out of the family home after divorce, is something that can affect the entire family. It can be helpful to schedule a time where one spouse has the house to themselves when packing up their things. Spouses who have not yet determined which person shall be the one to relocate, may want to consider these factors into the decision:

  • Who can financially support the bills for the current home?
  • Which parent has family or friend support in another town?
  • Which would be the best decision for the children?
  • Will the parent with sole physical custody stay in the family home, or will the children have to go through a major move too?
  • Which town has the best schools and opportunity for children activities?

Emotional Health of Your Children

When making the choice of which spouse is to move out, take into thought the wellbeing of your children. Ask yourself if moving them would cause emotional wounds that may impact them for many years to come. If you and your spouse have trouble reaching an agreement, take the perspective on what is likely going to be the most healthy situation for your children. If you ask your children which parent they would prefer to go with, it may make them feel as though they must choose which parent they love more. While considering the feelings of your children can be valid, but it is best to approach the conversation being as mindful and gentle as possible.

How to Pick a Moving Company

For the majority of recently divorced spouses, the thought of packing up belongings and heaving them out the door of your family home doesn’t sound the least bit appealing. If you have never hired movers Alexandria, VA relies on before, here are a few signs that mean you may have found the right moving company:

  • A representative visits your home to take an inventory of the size and volume of your intended move
  • You are provided with a clear quote with no hidden charges
  • The staff you speak to are friendly and accomodating
  • The company has insurance in the event of damaged or lost items



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