Mistakes to Avoid During a Child Custody Battle


Although it would be ideal for parents to work out mutually agreeable parenting plans during a divorce, this doesn’t happen very often. When parents can’t agree on a custody arrangement, a family law judge has to make the decision for them. A judge looks at several factors before making a decision, like each parent’s living situation and relationship with the child. Going through a child custody battle can be very stressful and cause you to feel a wide range of emotions. However, you should not let your emotions cloud your judgment. That’s how bad decisions are made. Here are some common mistakes you will want to avoid during a child custody battle.

Not Following the Court’s Temporary Custody Orders

A judge will often issue temporary custody orders until there is a trial. One of the worst things you can do is disobey any of these orders. For example, if you have visitation with your child and don’t return him or her by a specific time, it can make you look bad in court. The judge will be disappointed that you didn’t listen to his or her orders and may likely use that against you in the final decision.

Getting Arrested

While it is never good to get arrested, it’s especially a problem during a child custody battle. Even if you don’t get convicted of the crime, it can cause the judge to doubt your parenting abilities. He or she may see you as an unfit parent and give custody to the other parent. When you are going through a custody battle, it’s important to stay out of situations that can potentially get you into legal trouble.

Arriving Late to Pick Up Your Kids

If you have visitation with your kids, you should make a point to pick them up on time. While being a few minutes late every once in a while may be understandable, being chronically late can make you look bad in court. It may indicate to the judge that you aren’t take your parenting responsibilities seriously enough. If you know you are going to be late to pick up your kids, be sure to let the parent know ahead of time.

Moving in With a New Significant Other

While it is understandable that you may want to meet someone new, you should avoid doing this too soon. The divorce has likely been tough on your children and bring in a new significant other too soon can make things worse. It’s important to give your children enough to adjust. The judge may frown upon you moving in with a new significant other right now, especially if the divorce isn’t finalized.

If you have any other questions about your child custody battle, consult with a family lawyer Rockville, MD trusts. He or she can provide you with sound legal advice and prevent you from making mistakes that could potentially hurt your chance of getting custody of your kids.



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