Hire Divorce Attorney that Understands your Situation

The meaning of marriage can change when you are facing marital problems. Sometimes, the differences become so great that the “dissolution of marriage” or divorce is necessary to continue to be able to provide a quality life for your family. It is an unfortunate event and often an emotional one but you do not have to face it alone. Do not hesitate and contact an experienced family attorney Tampa FL turns to, to ensure you are taking all proper steps.

Terms to Know

We have and provide the knowledge you need to familiarize you with your case and understand it. Here is a a few terms you need to know to start your case:

  • Prenuptial agreement. This is an agreement made between a husband and wife before marriage. This agreement states that both people involved are willing to give up future rights to each other properties in case of dissolution of marriage.
  • Stipulation.   Like a prenuptial agreement it is an agreement between spouses that settles all battles and it is included in the courts final order.
  • Custody. Determines who has the rights to your children can be settled through negotiation or  through court. Custody is a legal term and it is the right to live with your child and make important decisions over their life.
  • Child Support. It is a monthly payment that is made to the parent that has custody by the non custodial parent. This money is meant to pay for the child’s expenses.
  • Alimony. Also known as spousal support. This is a monthly payment that can be made by either spouse as settled in an agreement or a court order. This is to balance the economic disparity that can result with the separation .
  • Division of property.  All property obtained after the marriages called “marriage property” is to be equally divided equitably.

All of these elements are settled during the divorce.  Some divorces are simple in the case of a marriage with no children or no property. However, many cases are complicated and each element take time and several negotiations. Many cases the most difficult part to settle is custody and it is often dragged out in court. Finding the right lawyer is an essential part of making your divorce a smooth one. This is a life changing process so you want to be satisfied with the outcome. You can trust that our lawyers will try to find a settlements that you are comfortable and that fits your needs.


Thank you to The McKinney Law Group for providing their insight and expertise on divorce and family law.