Getting Divorced Later in Life

We have all heard the story of the two high school sweethearts who ran off together as soon as they turned 18 and got married.  It isn’t a surprise to most of us that not all of these partnerships last a lifetime, but divorce occurs across the entire spectrum of adulthood.

Getting divorced later in life comes with its own set of difficulties.  Understanding how your age will affect the outcome of your divorce is fundamentally important.  If you are interested in learning more, you should read on and consult an experienced lawyer today if divorce is a real option for you and your spouse.

People get divorced for a wide variety of reasons.  Sometimes finances are the driving factor, or perhaps neither individual can see eye to eye on important decisions.  While the reasons for getting divorced may be similar regardless of age, the circumstances of two 50+ year old adults can vary greatly.  Older divorcees are more likely to have raised children together, and will generally have more financial considerations to take into account.

older divorce

Regardless of the reason behind the divorce, anyone who is going through a divorce should consider how divorce can impact their future.  Below we will provide a brief overview of the issues that affect older divorcees.

One of the biggest disputes that comes up in a divorce is over money.  This shouldn’t shock anyone, but money is of great importance for people who are close to reaching retirement age.  If you are reaching that time in your life, you would be wise to learn how divorce can affect your retirement.

A related issue concerns who receives property, and the benefits that come with it. Understanding benefits that come with age, such as tax exemptions, is generally important, but is even more so for individuals who are going through a divorce.

If you are eligible to collect Social Security, or will be in the near future, then you should research the affects that a divorce can have on your Social Security benefits.  Depending on the length of time that you were married, your benefits can change dramatically.

Of course, divorce is never easy, even when the children involved have reached adulthood.  An individual whose parents are divorced will have to consider how the separation will change their parental relationships.  This may include how the parents are cared for as they age, visitation if grandchildren are involved, and even the passing on of the parents.

Following up on the parental relationship changes that result from divorce, if you are aging and going through a divorce, then make sure that you have a plan to take care of yourself as you grow older.

Getting older comes with its own challenges, but with the right information and experienced legal representation you can enjoy the golden years of your life.  Be sure to read and absorb more information that is available online on the topic of divorce later in life.  Above all, you should always consult an attorney who you trust for and expert opinion on your situation.

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