Consider a Divorce Paralegal

We’ve discussed time and again on our blog, the financial strain that comes with divorce, which may supplement– and often augment– the emotional strain. In some cases, you may be able to forego financial difficulty, by working with a divorce paralegal. A qualified paralegal can be immensely helpful when a divorce is straightforward and uncontested, if you wish to save money on legal fees.

When to Use a Paralegal

Paralegal services are less expensive than an attorney’s counsel, as they namely consist of filing the right paperwork. In matters that involve child custody or the division of valuable property, you would be wise to seek legal advice. Even if your paralegal has trained with the top paralegal schools– like this paralegal certification program in Washington DC— your paralegal cannot properly or legally advise you on what to do. Again, paralegals are best suited for situations in which the divorce is uncontested. To summarize, paralegals can:

  • Prepare divorce forms
  • Tell you when where and how to file those forms
  • Tell you how to properly serve your spouse with divorce papers
  • Help you complete state- specific forms for modifying alimony and child support

However, paralegals cannot:

  • Give legal advice
  • Advocate for you in court on the level of an attorney

How to Find a Paralegal

Finding a paralegal is fairly simple. In this modern era, you can certainly find a paralegal using a quick online search. However, if you want to find a paralegal with excellent credentials, you may wish to contact a paralegal job training program in Washington DC or your nearest location. DC certainly has the largest number of legal professionals per capita, but you can find highly trained paralegals all across America. Many of whom have been trained at the Paralegal Institute of Washington and similar respected institutions. Paralegal schools often have job placement programs where they place their best and brightest alumni. They are also often in contact with top divorce attorneys who can recommend the paralegals who have done stellar work for them. Remember, even if you do not find your paralegal through a school, it is important to find one with strong credentials, one who has certification from an accredited paralegal certification course in Washington DC or your respective area.

Aside from price, a paralegal may offer other advantages over an attorney. There have been instances where a paralegal has caught a mistake in the paperwork, or noted incorrectly filed paperwork, which an attorney may have overlooked. You can use these highly trained minds to your advantage when preparing for a court matter.

If you are considering a paralegal for your divorce, contact a reputable paralegal training workshop in DC for more information.

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