Advice for Moving After Divorce

The period after divorce can be a heart-aching and stressful time. You may have to start moving things out of the home you once shared together with your spouse, children and beloved pets. There are many emotions you may be feeling, and the thought of having to lug your belongings out the door can feel overwhelming. Here we have listed a few tips to have alleviate some of the pain associated with relocating out, and into your new chosen home.


Hire a Moving Company

Moving professionals, like movers Franconia VA needs, are usually equipped with tools to help move items quickly, efficiently and safely. If you are moving out and want to see your former spouse as little as possible, you may want to consider hiring a moving company, like Suburban Solutions, to do the heavy lifting and facetime for you.


There is a cost associated with moving services, but it can be worth saving some of your sanity by not having to talk with your ex on moving day. Especially if the marriage did not end amicably, it is unlikely he or she will offer to help you move.


How to Downsize for a Smaller Home

If you are moving into a home that is significantly smaller, you may be worried about fitting all of your belongings into the new place. You may want to think about donating some items that you don’t really use or have room for. You can try selling these belongings at a garage sale, or renting a storage unit until you know what you want to do with these items. If there are certain belongings that cause you immense emotional pain, it may be best to part with it.


Treasures to Keep

It is natural for you to want to get rid of, or even destroy, items that remind you of the marriage with your former spouse. However, consider putting these things into a box for rummaging through later on down the road. Items like photographs, keepsakes or treasures from your wedding day may not be so painful to look at after you do some healing.


If you have kids together, they may eventually want you to share these special items with them. Even though the marriage did not work out in the end, your children were also a part of that time together with your spouse.


Preparing for the Move

During the actual move, there are some tips that help things run more smoothly. They are listed as follows:


  • Ask friends and family for support during the move. See if they are willing to assist in packing, running errands or watching your kids.
  • If at all possible, try to schedule packing when your ex-spouse is at work or won’t be home for the day.
  • Submit a change of address form online so your mail can be forwarded to the new address. This can prevent from having to awkwardly pick up mail that is still being delivered to your old home.
  • Print a checklist to help you stay on track during the move. With the recent divorce, the stress of moving and possibly grieving too, following a checklist can provide a huge relief.