Family Law & AAML

Family Law & AAML

When you are looking for a family law lawyer because you are going through a difficult time with a family member, you may want to consider someone who is an American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) fellow. The AAML has been active for decades, providing clients with family law lawyers who can help with a wide array of family legal issues, including things like child custody or visitation rights, divorce, annulment, and more. When you need legal help for your family problems, you want to make sure that you are working with an attorney who understands the complex situation you are in and knows the law in and out so that they can be your best advocate. 

What should I expect from my first appointment with my attorney? 

Your first appointment with your attorney may be daunting. You might not be sure what to expect when you get in the office and you may think that all lawyers are going to act like they have better things to be doing or are too busy to focus on your case. If either of these appears to be the case, you should avoid working with this attorney. On the other hand, when you find the right lawyer, you know your case will be in good hands. You should prepare any evidence and documents you think will be helpful to your case, come prepared to discuss the situation with your attorney, and try not to leave anything out. 

I’m getting a divorce and I don’t know if my spouse has gotten an attorney. Should I still get one? 

You may think that it comes off as aggressive if you hire an attorney immediately, but it’s more about being prepared. Your family law attorney is not out to get your spouse or drain them of all their money. Instead, your attorney should be ensuring that your rights are protected and that, if you have children, their safety and protection come first. When you make a call to your attorney, you can begin to prepare them by letting them know about your history, what you would like to do if you have children, and what you are hoping to accomplish through the divorce (aside from separating from your spouse). 

Working with an attorney who has partnered with the AAML means you are getting someone who values studying more in their field so that they can be the right lawyer for your family’s legal issues. Anyone can find a lawyer. You want to make sure you are hiring the one who is best for your family problems, contact Divorce Lawyer Chronicles today.

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