A Surprising New Trend Among Divorcees

A new trend has been spotted among those going through divorce– particularly women. A large number of divorced and divorcing women are undergoing cosmetic procedures to boost their appearance and their confidence. The popularity of cosmetic surgery has surged over the last fifteen years, with many of its patrons being recently divorced. Why?

Body correction

One reason is this: many of those who opt for cosmetic surgery after divorce are looking to get back into the dating world, only to find that the dating world has gone digital. Many of those looking to remarry are finding potential mates online, where a profile picture speaks before the user can. In such a position, many are opting to put their best face forward. A large number of those in online dating are women living in busy urban areas. They seek treatment from metropolitan doctors, cosmetic surgeons in New York or dermatologists dermatologists in Washington DC, like these trusted Washington DC Voluma doctors, for small treatments like botox, or more detailed procedures like tumescent liposuction in Vienna VA from Dr. Steven Rotter.

Even if a woman is not ready to start dating again, she may still wish to do something for herself. Seeing a Washington DC dermatologist— or a professional in some other area– may be a great way to help her decompress and restore some of the vibrancy a strenuous divorce has taken from her skin. After a divorce, many men and women feel that their faces have significantly aged. Sometimes, the stress of a divorce can even lead to skin conditions, and many women see a Washington DC skin allergist–only to be referred to the dermatology office. Dermatology, whether medical or cosmetic is also an excellent way to help anyone– a man or woman– raise confidence after the disintegration of a marriage.

Many wonder: are divorcees undergoing cosmetic surgery as payback? While many say “looking good is the best revenge,” most divorcees say this is not the reason, and doctors report that the patients who are happiest are the ones who get the surgery for themselves– this isn’t necessarily about making an ex sorry or paying for the procedure on a spouse’s dime. As a good physician like Dr. Steven Rotter will tell you, it is important to evaluate your reasons for undergoing any elective surgery, and it may be helpful to discuss your options with your DC marriage therapist, or an individual therapist in Bethesda MD.

Would you– male or female– consider cosmetic procedures after divorce? Let us know what you think.

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