Spousal and Business Partnerships



Many businesses are family owned. Often these establishments can be highly successful and last for years. However, there are particular difficulties that may arise when mixing business, love and family.

For instance, say you and your spouse run a local grocery store in Elizabeth, NJ and one day your spouse sustains an injury while unloading some heavy goods. Such a trial may bring you and your spouse closer together, but it can also put stress on your relationship as you and your spouse place blame. You may ask why (s)he wasn’t more careful in following safety guidelines, or why (s)he didn’t make the work environment as safe as possible. You may have to consult, not only with an Elizabeth NJ worker’s compensation lawyer, but also with a divorce lawyer, as this financial and medical situation puts strain on your marriage. However, after talking with your Elizabeth, NJ worker’s compensation lawyer, you may have a better grasp of the incident. You may feel better about your rights and responsibilities and most importantly your future. Once you know where you stand, it is easier for you and your spouse to move forward. Ensuring you are safe at your family’s shared workspace, and consulting with a NJ worker’s compensation lawyer  may be just a few ways to ensure you do not consult with a divorce lawyer later down the line.

Perhaps you and your spouse run a business in Florida and an employee files a worker’s compensation suit against your company. He may consult with a firm such as Franks, Koenig and Neuwelt , either in their Palm Beach Gardens or Miami workers compensation law offices. In either case, both you and your spouse will be embroiled in a potentially long legal battle. Even in working with a top worker’s compensation FL law firm, the financial strain alone that comes with fighting a difficult case is enough to ruin a marriage, as is the pain and guilt that you will both feel if the incident is in fact your fault. Again, if you are at fault, it is an opportunity for you and your spouse to either come together or place blame. We highly recommend the former as you do not need to add to your legal trouble by hiring a divorce attorney. The legal battle with Franks, Koening and Neuwelt will be hard enough to win.

Work with loved ones is filled with potential legal and financial pitfalls. However, you can also find a trusted, loyal partner in your spouse. If you and your life partner are also business partners, then ensure you are on the same page about the financial state of your business as well as all of its health and safety risks. A liability on your business could easily be a liability on your marriage as well.

Divorce Lawyer Horror Stories

NoWeddingLast week, we sat down with the best divorce lawyers in Montgomery County, Maryland to listen to some of the most surprising clients they’ve represented in divorces. They told us stories of heartbreak, injury, and heartache. Some clients refused to speak to their estranged spouses, while others sounded as though they were bent on embarrassing their opponents in court. Thankfully the skillful lawyers at Belli, Weil, & Grozbean did what they could to minimize the adverse impacts of their clients’ outlandish actions.

In the past we also spoke with remarkable divorce lawyers in Howard County, Maryland about what unique experiences they’ve undergone as divorce lawyers. Howard County is one of the more suburban counties in Maryland, but the many Stepford style homes do not necessarily beget marriages which end peacefully. Some of our clients reported having to deal with aggressively litigious spouses, while others attempted to proceed through their divorce despite spouses who refused to engage in the process whatsoever. For many of these couples, their divorce proceedings were stressful and extended unnecessarily. However you can learn from the mistakes that our attorneys reported so that you have a better chance of a divorce with minimal hassle.

Among the various steps you can take to ensure a divorce with minimal dispute, make sure you select an attorney who can handle the various demands you may have related to your divorce proceeding. Furthermore, be sure to read next week as some of the best divorce lawyers in Frederick county relay their experiences too!

Tips On How To Settle Property Disputes In Divorce Cases

It’s always best in a divorce if the divorce lawyers can agree upon how property will be allocated.  The worst situation is for the divorcing husband and wife to spend time, money, and emotional energy on splitting up their assets.  Below are three key tips to help parties work through these tough issues.

3 Tips To Settle Property Disputes In A Divorce Case

Tip #1 – Make Lists of All Marital Property

For starters, the husband and wife should each make a separate list of what they view to be marital property.  Those who have a business or nonprofit together may want to consult their nonprofit audit service provide and accountant. Some may consult an accountant, though in most cases, the divorce lawyers will then get together and compare the lists to ensure that the universe of assets is the same.  If one party doesn’t care about an item, and thus did not put it on the list, then that item is easy to resolve.  All assets must be listed, so make sure to include everything you have!  This may be the cars in the garage, the jewelry in the drawers, and even fun items, like the paddleboard in the garage.  But you can’t forge about other assets that may be in play.  For example, if either the husband or the wife had a car accident injury, then there may be compensation that comes in and becomes marital property. Don’t forget to include that!

Tip #2 – Prioritize the List

Once the list is made, then each side should prioritize the list.  It’s a good idea to have 3 categories:  (1) Things I Really Care About, (2) Things I Sort Of Care About, and (3) Things I Don’t Really Care About.  This helps the husband and wife understand what’s really important in the divorce. The parties can then compare the lists to review where common ground can be met.

Tip #3 – Use an Independent Party To Value Items

Obviously, there will be bumps in the road.  Divorce is a very emotional process, and splitting the property oftentimes ends up in a battle.  Before the husband and wife are mired down in depositions with a court reporter, it’s prudent to try and have a third party place a value on the assets. Some items clearly have an emotional aspect, and therefore a sentimental value.  But for many of the assets, a simple valuation by a third party that the husband and wife agree upon may really help move things forward without a fight.  Sometimes, these third parties are appraisers with special knowledge of the items that are being split.  Other times, it’s possible to simply utilize information on the Internet.  For example, if a vehicle is involved, then the value of the car can be determined through valuation sites.

When it comes to splitting property in a divore, things can get messy.  But following these tips an really help move things along.