When Should You Get a Divorce?

A successful marriage requires work from both spouses. While making our marriages work is a priority for many, there are some who simply unable or unwilling to make the necessary effort. Not all marriages can last forever, and not all couples are able to work through the issues negatively affecting their relationship.

If you are wondering whether or not divorce is your best option, consider your situation very carefully. Once you make the decision to divorce, your life might change in many ways, and not all of them good. However, here are several common reasons why many couples choose divorce.

The Situation is Dangerous

If you’re in a dangerous situation that cannot be resolved peacefully, by all means file for divorce. If your life, the lives of your children, or the lives of your extended family are at risk because of your marriage, it’s time to get out. This can happen if your spouse is not making any effort to resolve one or more of the following issues:

  • Physical abuse toward you or anyone else
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Mental health disorders
  • Your spouse is no longer taking required medications for mental disorders
  • Your spouse is a target of dangerous people

Any of the above scenarios might place you or your children in danger from your spouse. For safety reasons, divorcing your spouse may be your only option. We can help you by protecting your legal rights. We can also direct you to resources that can assist you transition from a dangerous situation into a new life.


You’re No Longer Connected

When you’re living separate lives in the same house, it might be time to consider divorce as a divorce lawyer Peoria IL trusts might recommend. Some couples grow so far apart they no longer connect, even after marriage or couples counseling. If you cannot find anything you have in common, you can’t find any romance or passion, or you’re simply no longer interested in being married, it’s reasonable to consider divorce.


You or Your Spouse Has Given Up

If one partner has given up for any reason and has no desire to try and work out your issues to make your marriage work, it’s time to get out of the marriage. There is no point in sitting around waiting to see if things will work out in the long run when one partner is checked out.


You Can See the Future Without Your Spouse

When you can envision your future without your spouse, it’s not a good sign. If you can see yourself getting remarried to someone else, living alone, or living life in the future without your spouse, there is an issue you need to face. It’s time to consider what divorce means for you.


You’ve Tried and It’s Not Working

Sometimes you give it all you’ve got, and it still doesn’t work out. It’s all right. Not all marriages work, and not all couples are meant to be together. If you want to pursue divorce after all the effort you’ve put into it, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. We can help you make the next move to legally dissolve your marriage.


There’s no right or wrong reason to end a marriage, but we do encourage you to leave quickly if you are in a dangerous situation. There is help for you, and we can point you in the right direction. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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