Reasons for Divorce Among Older Couples

It’s no secret that many marriages don’t last. What began as a lifetime vow for many couples, later ended in divorce. Divorce has been steadily on the rise for some time, and older, more established couples are no exception to this statistic. Even these well-established marriages experience the same strains as younger couples. In addition, the times and people have changed from when older couples first got married. This has contributed to a rise in divorce of older couples.

Here are some of the most common reasons why established couples may choose to file for divorce:

Protecting the Children

A major reason many couples delay ending their marriage is to spare their children from the negative impacts that accompany divorce. Though this can be beneficial in some cases, remaining in an unhealthy and loveless marriage can create a negative atmosphere that may have harmful effects on the children. Children are more likely to benefit from witnessing their parents cooperate with, and respect one another despite their separation, rather than live with parents in an unhappy relationship.

 Missing Love

The standards for couples have changed rapidly over the years. Generations ago, people were expected to marry a partner that best suited the role of husband or of wife. Consequently, love and companionship weren’t necessarily part of the equation in all relationships. Today, love and companionship are sought after as they are a vital component for a long, successful marriage. Because these relationship standards and ideals have changed, couples whose relationships lack those qualities may seek out divorce in the hopes of finding them with someone else.

Older Age in a New Age

In addition to changing standards, people are also living longer – well past the age of retirement. Whereas retirement was once a marker for old age and settling down, it is now seen by many as an opportunity to venture out and find fulfillment before it’s too late. In the case that a couple or a spouse is not satisfied in their marriage, they may see a brighter future in ending that relationship for a chance to start over while they still can.

Financial Burdens

Financial issues in a relationship tend to be a prominent reason for many divorces. Ironically, many older couples may have actually waited to file for divorce for this very reason. Since divorce can be very expensive, some couples may not be able to afford to do so until later in life once they are financially stable. In addition, early divorces typically involve additional financial woes, such as, alimony and child support. Divorcing later in life can prevent some of these financial burdens.

Happiness is the most important goal for many individuals in a relationship. In the case that divorce is the best option for all parties involved, you should seek proper counsel and guidance. Hiring an experienced attorney such as the divorce lawyers Peoria IL locals trust to help the process can ease some of the stress and financial burdens that may have caused previous reluctance.

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